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Kick starter: Senior reserve sparks FSHS, 4-1

No question FS dominated time of possession and took many shots on goal. Let's at least give some credit to the defense of LHS (especially Lauren Fleming and Alex Ewy) for keeping the score total as low as it was. It's incredibly difficult to maintain defensive effort against a non-stop onslaught & FS demonstrated they are a very relentless offensive team. Kudos to both teams for their effort and sportsmanship.

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Republicans must stage strong campaign to beat Obama

Ho, hum. Another column that suggests the only reason Obama was elected was because of his massive war chest and superior organization. All that does is minimize those who voted and will vote for him to mindless pawns swayed by the most flyers left on one's doorstep. I voted for Obama, but I was seriously considering, even leaning toward, McCain when he became everything he stood against. He pandered to the far right, even allowing them to pick Palin to run with him. Sorry, couldn't follow through on a vote for him at that point.

The Democrats AND the Republicans both share significant blame for where we are because nobody has the courage to stand in the middle, pointing out the fallacies of the extremes of both sides. Absolving the Republican party of their share of the blame is irresponsible for someone who likes to think of himself as a journalist. The Republicans don't seem to understand that their best chance of success next time around is to jettison the Tea Party mentality and reach toward the center. The party that first recognizes this will be the one that takes control of the next few elections.

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Neighbors are upset over plans for more apartments along Clinton Parkway

First, the point that people speed everywhere makes it all right for it to occur in this particular area of town is inane. Finally, to reduce valid concerns of safety, property value, erosion of public trust, and kowtowing to the interests of developers who prize profit over public interests as being "petty", is irresponsible.

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Neighbors are upset over plans for more apartments along Clinton Parkway

Why should developers who overpaid for a property (bad business decisions) be able to continually revisit the planning commission and city council to ask them to modify existing zoning so that they can then turn a profit? This series of poor decisions has resulted in an impact on the surrounding neighborhoods in the form of diminished property value, increased traffic, and safety concerns. Yes, some of the apartments may look good now (not all), but what will they be in 20 years? How long before the Getto property becomes a ghetto property? Some green space would be an asset to both the neighborhoods and the existing apartment complexes. Come on City of Lawrence, do the right thing for your citizenry,

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Audit of marriage incentive disputed

We have plenty of leadership in Kansas caring about family issues - they're called clergy, counselors, social workers, teachers, .... The "leadership" of which you speak, should be intent on addressing the economic issues plaguing the state - as was promised to those who voted for them.

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Plans may not meet goal of ‘signature’ library structure

The most appropriate time for questioning the project is prior to the public vote that favored the expansion. Once the public has spoken, then rather than revisiting all the issues that were addressed prior to the vote, one can lend their voice to "helpful" suggestions. However, that is not Dolph's typical approach. No, it is sharing anonymous quotes from fellow critics and portraying them as "fact" and "commonly accepted".

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Plans may not meet goal of ‘signature’ library structure

Wow, another negative opinion piece from Dolph, now that's a surprise! Is there anything positive going on in Lawrence, at KU,...? If you just read this weekly column, you would think this was the biggest armpit in the world. Specific to the library issue, it was put to a public vote and the public supported the move. Sounds like sour grapes, could it be that Dolph had a personal interest in another option that wasn't chosen? Finally, this "journalism" of "A (fill in the blank) told this writer that....." is a shoddy way of developing an opinion piece.

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LeBron James not greatest of all time

Yes, and apparently you keep reading them. Heed what you no doubt heard when you were young - if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. Honestly, the criticism of writers is absurd. I challenge anyone to do what Keegan and others do on a daily basis as well as they do. You'll find out quickly that you just should have kept your thoughts to yourself.

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LeBron James belongs inside if Heat want to win 2012 NBA title

Not a Lebron fan, so this certainly might bias my opinion, but I think one of the biggest mistakes the Heat made was to have Lebron play the point. He doesn't have a distributor mentality and the other four tend to just stand and wait for him to act. Not sure center is the answer, but I think he needs to let others bring the ball up and start the plays.

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Kansas-USC notebook: Morningstar, Reed involved in big plays at end, too

Wow, hate much? A look at the tape will show every player on the floor getting beaten at various times through the game. Selby overplayed his man a number of times and you don't see anyone calling for him to have reduced minutes. Yes, Morningstar got beaten a couple of times late in the game and who did Coach Self (a national championship winning coach) put in the game to replace him - that's right Tyrel Reed. Face it, you don't know more than those who are getting paid huge dollars to make those decisions so please go crawl back under your rock.

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