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Kansas governor's chief spokeswoman taking lottery job

Until they included a picture of Jones-Sontag, I thought Brownback was just making her up like Andy Dufresne did with creating Randall Stevens in "The Shawshank Redemption". It was perfect, he could write what he wanted her to say (usually something lacking any true substance and just furthering his shortsighted goals/marching orders) and then release it to the press. He, then, can claim plausible deniability and pretend to give a ____. Just like his supposed claim to wanting to fund higher education at the same level, knowing all the time that his slight of hand in getting the legislature to pass his unconscionable tax package last year would force this year's legislature to make the cuts he wanted all along. Maybe he's smarter than I give him credit for - nah, just good at following orders.

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Why are graduations in the middle of the week?

I thought the graduation ceremony last night was almost perfect. The weather was absolutely beautiful. The graduates were not sweltering in 90+ degree heat. Those in attendance were comfortable and able to focus on the graduation. I didn't notice a difference in the size of the crowd. The only draw-back I see is that it makes it difficult for those from out of town to attend. There is no perfect solution, but I thought this was a good move at the time the decision was made and last night reinforced my support.

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State Board hears opposition to Common Core Standards

The article is mostly accurate in depicting what happened except with the characterization that the speakers were from "many parts of the state". The speakers were mostly from Johnson County and Wichita. If you looked a bit deeper into their backgrounds, I'd venture to say that most of them were proponents of home schooling and private schools - not frieds of public school in the least. This was a very coordinated display that reflects an extremely narrow segment of Kansas. Please pay attention to the words the speakers kept using: bibilical, federal intrusion, loss of freedom, backdoor. These are obvious talking points provided to the speakers. The ultimate irony is the speakers were trying to portray that they were tired of bureaucrats telling them what to do, but every one of them were parroting exactly what someone else wanted them to say. Puppets in a propaganda machine.

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Lawrence High soccer captures first victory in 2OT

Congrats to the Lady Lions! You played with tremendous heart and stayed together as a team.. Ella scoring the winning goal on a header - couldn't have been a better fairy-tale ending to the game. Bring it again tonight against Topeka!

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LHS senior Emma Kelly puts ACL pain behind

Great "feel good" story about a great young lady! Glad you were able to come back and play your senior season, Emma.

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Outgoing legislators recommend big increase in school funding, but chair declared meeting adjourned

The story is right in front of you. Four republicans, three of whom were targeted and defeated by "their own party" provided another example of the emerging fractures in the party. In addition, the three who walked out demonstrated that they are not interested in a real discourse. The Brownback freight train keeps rolling along, but actions of his minions like these will sooner or later (hopefully sooner) start getting the pendulum swinging back toward the middle.

The "antics and posturing", from my perspective, were performed by those that left the meeting.

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Right decision

There is also "incontovertible evidence" linking falls from ice skating, skate boarding, skiing, drunken stupors, .... to concussions. Let's outlaw falling!

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Kick starter: Senior reserve sparks FSHS, 4-1

No question FS dominated time of possession and took many shots on goal. Let's at least give some credit to the defense of LHS (especially Lauren Fleming and Alex Ewy) for keeping the score total as low as it was. It's incredibly difficult to maintain defensive effort against a non-stop onslaught & FS demonstrated they are a very relentless offensive team. Kudos to both teams for their effort and sportsmanship.

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Republicans must stage strong campaign to beat Obama

Ho, hum. Another column that suggests the only reason Obama was elected was because of his massive war chest and superior organization. All that does is minimize those who voted and will vote for him to mindless pawns swayed by the most flyers left on one's doorstep. I voted for Obama, but I was seriously considering, even leaning toward, McCain when he became everything he stood against. He pandered to the far right, even allowing them to pick Palin to run with him. Sorry, couldn't follow through on a vote for him at that point.

The Democrats AND the Republicans both share significant blame for where we are because nobody has the courage to stand in the middle, pointing out the fallacies of the extremes of both sides. Absolving the Republican party of their share of the blame is irresponsible for someone who likes to think of himself as a journalist. The Republicans don't seem to understand that their best chance of success next time around is to jettison the Tea Party mentality and reach toward the center. The party that first recognizes this will be the one that takes control of the next few elections.

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Neighbors are upset over plans for more apartments along Clinton Parkway

First, the point that people speed everywhere makes it all right for it to occur in this particular area of town is inane. Finally, to reduce valid concerns of safety, property value, erosion of public trust, and kowtowing to the interests of developers who prize profit over public interests as being "petty", is irresponsible.

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