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City to trim budget by $1M

Yea, that is four fewer round-a-bouts in the city!!! We could sell our real estate inventory of vacant fire stations for big bucks!

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Kansas Athletics to give $40 million to academic programs at KU

Everyone needs to keep in mind that only two sports at KU are self-supporting. That would be football and men's basketball. Revenues from these two sports HAVE to fund the remainder of the athletic programs at KU. Successful athletic programs benefit the entire community, so we should be happy that KU has had success in football and basketball recently.

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Lawrence resident among athletes to tackle 100-mile run

Great job! Thanks for sharing the experience! Good luck in the future!

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New parking fines, fees for downtown Lawrence take effect Tuesday

This should encourage people to shop downtown...not!

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Governor tells state universities they need to improve their national stature

Rankings of anything are totally subjective. The public universities in Kansas were originally established to benefit the citizens of the state, not for made-up national rankings.

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14-year-old boy flown to K.C. hospital with critical injuries after being pulled from river

As usual, people are posting that don't know sh*t about the facts of the situation. Nobody mentioned that the boy could have gone into shock at some point and that condition alone is very serious. Hope he is okay. Fast moving water is very dangerous, especially in that location!

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51-year-old man arrested in murder of George Tiller outside his church

In the United States, in the year 2000, there were 1,313,000 abortions performed. Of those, 2,232 were late term procedures. What does this say about our society? People need to take responsibility for their actions. Think before you act people!!!

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KU breaks ground for new School of Pharmacy

What will happen to Malott Hall?

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KSU files suit to declare secret $3.2 million agreement with Ron Prince invalid

Hmmmm...interesting. It will be a long season for KSU football and Bill Snyder.

May 20, 2009 at 4:24 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

City to ask bankruptcy judge to spare Jim Clark dealership

So, FarneyMac, what do you drive, a Pius? You are another fine example of a local know-it-all. You have my permission to leave Lawrence now.

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