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Opinion: Has Obama been shamed into war?

LOSE. LOSE. That is a true story. So glad I don't have this on my shoulders all though we all will bear the response to either action. The US is not invincible and is a target either way we go. Scary stuff.

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Downtown Lawrence call center gives details on plans to hire nearly 200

It does pay to get out of Lawrence. Sad because it is such a great town. It seems like the only people who stay are those that have family there, or kids or just feel trapped. No insult intended to anyone, once my good job there was eliminated, I got myself and family out. Most other cities at least have a technical program high school kids can get into. It seems lime in Lawrence if they don't play sports and don't have college plans they are out of luck if they don't get out.

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Dog being cared for at Humane Society after owner's body recovered from Kansas River

My condolences as well, good job gatekeeper but keep in mind you've done your part. I would like to believe that if the family has certificates for her, those can be provided and the will find another match. She is probably going to need some retraining and assistance in a re-match.

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