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Kansas’ new DUI law bringing big changes

I agree we should set a limit. Let's go ahead and use .08, just for argument sake. Anyone that is driving questionably and is below we give a warning, and over gets increasing penalties.

Why would we set a new limit when we already use the nationally recognized tolerance level?

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Kansas’ new DUI law bringing big changes

I believe they used to have that as an option, but too many times no one would come and pick up the car because storage fees quickly became more than the car was worth. If the license is suspended these vehicles are often uninsured and unregistered. Making them less and less likely to pick them up. It would also cause a problem for someone who is borrowing a vehicle. The court has also not wanted to become a used car lot, or pay for storage at a wrecker facility. Many problems that come from suspension, even over the fact that 75% or higher continue to drive.

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Kansas’ new DUI law bringing big changes

Funny that some of the people who are arguing against are admittedly the ones who have a problem with drunk driving,
1. Interlock devices don't shut the car down while you are driving, even if a test is failed. No need to worry about the traffic.
2. MADD volunteers and paid employees are generally doing it because they have lost a family member to a "innocent", "barely over the limit", "person who would have been worse off texting", "over fined", "over persecuted" alcohol impaired driver that has taken their husband, father, brother, uncle, mom, sister, grandma or baby from them. So maybe their objective if you really think about it is more than preventing you from having your two beers at the brewery and more about helping to stop the gut wrenching pain from being experienced by another "innocent" family.
3. If a hefty traffic ticket was enough to warn/penalize a first time offender, wouldn't we have seen a decline in multiple offenses over the last ten years or more?
4. The punishment is not the same for a .09 as it is at a .24, good point. The penalty is about double for an offender that blows >.15 as it is for .08-.149. This has already been taken care of.
5. License suspension obviously doesn't work or the state wouldn't be overwhelmed with driving on suspended charges.

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