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Shelter challenge

Why is it always the angry, negative people that post on this thing? Get outside and enjoy the weather. Maybe you won't be so bitter and a little more compassionate.

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Shelter challenge

Obviously you don't know Loring. 'Clamoring for glory.' Seriously????? Running a shelter is about as far from 'glorious' as you can get. So when those 50 people are tucked in out of the cold at night, what happens to the other 25 or so (including kids) who are left out in the cold? Too bad for them I guess, eh Wilbur.

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State Rep. Anthony Brown criticizes Lawrence, KU

Has anyone seen the bumper sticker "Lawrence, Kansas. 29 square miles of sanity surrounded by Kansas". Too funny. I LOVE Lawrence and if by 'too liberal' he means 'accepting and diverse', then bring it on. Don't get me wrong, I love the rest of Kansas too, but I'm sure glad Ilive here!!

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Search for the new athletic director: ‘There are a lot of people that are going to lust for this job’

Someone with a good business mind is a must these days, but it would be great also, to get someone who believes that KU Athletics are a part of, not separate from (or more important than) the University of Kansas. Also, someone who realizes that it is a part of the Lawrence community, and embracing and supporting that connection as a good thing for all involved.

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Jayhawk fan seeks reason to go on

LOVED this!!!!

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City to begin issuing tickets on Tuesday for unshoveled sidewalks

This does seem a little ironic that they plan to ticket people when their own sidewalks are not clear. I went for a run yesterday and it was not easy finding a route, with no sidewalks available.What about the university? Can they be ticketed as well? All that area up Iowa by Shank Field is treacherous!

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LHS boys 4th; Wedge 2nd

Congrats to the LHS boys! This is a huge meet! Well done.
To the JW Staff- What the heck? This is a HUGE meet. Teams from several different states. It is quite an event. The competition is amazing. You missed a chance to cover one of the most competitive events in high school sports in Kansas. Truly. I was unable to attend and had to call a Free State parent to find out if Free State even ran in this meet. I know it's the coaches responsibility to call in their results, but a meet of this magnitude should have a reporter out there covering it.
Anyway, congrats to the Free State kids too! They also had a good day.

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EPA: State must conduct review, hold hearings on latest coal-plant proposal

This is GREAT news. Sunflower just keeps pounding away at Kansas on these plants, even though they've been rejected so many times, in so many different ways. Take this all as a sign. We DON"T want your dirty coal plants in Kansas!!!!!!

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Frederick generous, respected

I can't imagine you could get weary of reading good stories about Bob. They number in the thousands and are all worth hearing.

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Former KU athletic director in hospital after bicycle accident

Wow. Bob is one of the most kind, genuine people I've ever known. He is truly an amazing athlete for any age. My prayers are with him....

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