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Two men arrested in connection with Sunday morning shooting

Typical of this location, you mean. Many other nightclubs in Lawrence that don't end up with shootings.

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Crews race to find survivors of Oklahoma twister

I've been running an update thread for the tornado here: http://www.reddit.com/r/live_news/com... I will be going to bed now as I've been on this for 7 hours now, and it's getting to me.

Tomorrow, I'd like to see if we can organize a dropoff of water, food and cash to be delivered to Moore. Be back in the morning.

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Winter storm forces cancellation of classes, events

The King in the North!

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Lawsuit filed against railroad in 2011 death of Lecompton man

You would need some massive electromagnets , but that is an awesome thought!

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Lawsuit filed against railroad in 2011 death of Lecompton man

I don't know about him, specifically, but I frequently go for drives in the country on roads i do not know, and when I first came over this hill, I didn't know the train track was there. Not everyone who uses a road is from the immediate area, you know.

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Lawsuit filed against railroad in 2011 death of Lecompton man

No, what is sad that when there is an accident of any kind, we like to blame the victim fully, even though there may be others at fault as well.

Sure, the railroads cannot put lights and gates at every crossing, and nobody is asking for that here. But they ARE supposed to put lights and gates at crossings that are dangerous because of limited sight distance or other reasons.

This crossing is just over a blind hill surrounded by woods, and falls well within the realm of what I'd call dangerous. Warning arms won't stop you from sliding, but they'll allow people cresting that hill to see the danger sooner, which means they will stop sooner.

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Lawsuit filed against railroad in 2011 death of Lecompton man

It depends on which way you are approaching from. From the south, it is a heavily wooded downhill slope until right before the train tracks. If you watch the video in the sidebar, you can see what they mean, and a warning light at the top of the hill would probably be beneficial (like the warning light before 23rd and crossgate that warns when the stoplight is red over the blind hill).

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City starts condemnation process for old property at 1106 Rhode Island St.

Because it hasn't been up for sale for them to do so?

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Sound Off: Reporting tax fraud

Sounds like what you have a problem with is women. What happens to the widows (or widowers) out there who spent their lives taking care of their families while their partner worked?

I guess after her husband died when she was in her 70s, my grandmother should have been told to go out and get a job instead of collecting his social security.

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Conservatives preparing constitutional amendment to thwart school finance ruling

Yes, those pesky courts, always making our governments uphold the laws we have in place. Who do they think they are?

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