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How smart is your pet?

Momof, I wonder if your cat is the same one we had to take there. Me and my daughter cried all the way there and when we left. There were two....One was like a tiger striped cat, black her pupils were always huge, her name was Toby, but they changed it to Peepers. Then we had a somewhat calico cat, she was HUGE...guess too much good eatin...lol Her name was Mindy. They both loved playin fetch. It was funny to watch as well as fun to do. Thought our cats were weird by doin that.

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What do you think is at stake in the 2008 election?

My opinion, It basically boils down to they will say what they think you wanna hear. They will say whatever just so the American people will vote for them because they want a better paying job. Let's just hope that they will step up to the plate and do what they say they are going to do....LOL@whirled peas...good one!

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Paying it forward

I'm glad that LJW has this article. My family has known Jean and Corbet for a very long time. I too remember goin to Henry's when I was little. Awesome food! I have been out to his lil farm that he has. I even remember serving him and Jean when I worked at Hardee's as a teenager. Always had a smile on their faces. Very pleasant couple. Wish we had more people like him and Jean.Congrats to you Corbet on an awesome contribution that you have given to the community!

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Troopers partner with truck drivers to catch scofflaws

It's not just the truck drivers that cause the accidents. There have been numerous times that cars will just cut them off. It's not a power trip that SOME drivers have. They are just getting to their destination like the rest of us. Hey, how bout that tp you need? Oh shucks, the driver couldn't get it delivered on time because the idiots on the road wanna act like an arse! Think before you go and cut them off. Yes, I know from experience because my husband has had it done to him and I have seen it myself. I have alot more respect for truck drivers than I did before I met my husband. Also, if you happen to notice if there is a trucker tryin to pass another trucker, and gets up ahead enough, the slower truck will flash his/her lights at them to let them know its clear. Once the trucker gets over, he/she will flash their hazards at them to let them know THANK YOU. I've even done that and you feel like you were appreciated for helping a fellow driver out. Do I like the idea of the popo getting in a rig? Um, no, cuz it can be the smallest thing and they can pull you over. Unlike if you were in a car. It has it's good things and then it has it's bad things. Like I have seen the signs on K-10 and 435, "be aware of the motorcycles" They need to have "be aware of the arse's on the road that aren't payin attention cuz they are on their cell phone." Anyone need any TP?

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Last Call loses lease as eviction lawsuit settled

There was a dance club there back in 93'. Used to go there all the time, fun place to hang out. I think other places opened up then and it caused the business to go out.

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Mistrial declared in rural Lecompton homicide case

yes, I do believe that the spiral notebook is black and yellow. Something with the name of "dummies" on it...lol

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How many times have you changed addresses in Lawrence?

Well, it's too many to count. However, when I had my daughter, her and I lived in the same place for 5 yrs. After that, well, moved even more in the last six years, it's been 5 times. Hubby wants to move BACK to Lawrence...lol Skinnee, I know the feeling, I had a relative that done that to me and tried to blame me for it! I had proof, canceled checks!!! LOL

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Serial rapist sentenced to 48 years for attacks in 1990s

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Homicide suspect's trial set

Oz, lol@the different places to send him. He had gone to jdc for almost a month and he said he wanted to come home after just a couple of days of being there. He had changed once he came home, but that only lasted not even a month. He went right back to where he was before.I have thought about job corp, but not sure when. He is on probation for a year. He was even to have at least a C on all of his grades and he got F's on all but 3 classes. He even flunked seminar which is a study hall class. That should tell ya something there!It's been really hard for us for the past 6 yrs and feel like we are gettin no where w/the boy. It is funny how he comes across thinking he knows everything, but when he has an easy question that needs to be answered, I just want to be a smart arse and say "hey, I thought you knew everything?!?!?" LOLHe is supposed to be applying for jobs, last week and this week per his proby officer, but, he has only applied for 6 and 3 of them are auto type jobs. This is what he likes to do, but we have explained to him that he might not be able to get the job that he wants but yet again, he won't listen. *smacks him up side his head* We are tryin to prepare him for what to expect, but again, he knows EVERYTHING! LOL

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Homicide suspect's trial set

Costello,Hmm..maybe they are twins...lol Really, we do have family counseling and it seems like we get no where with it. The gal just wants to hear our problems, then is ready to leave and tells us that the next meeting we will work on it. Well, that was a month ago. She either doesn't show up, meaning no call/no show OR something comes up where she can't come to the meeting AND he gets peed off and walks out of the room. So, we have gotten no where. When she came last week, it was basically how ya doin, whats been goin on, and playing a game of cards. Doesn't seem like anything is getting done to me. He is a typical teenager and when he makes us mad he will forget about it within 5 mins. and then wonder why you are so mad. That we have learned. He just wants to have his freedom, but yet doesn't want any responsibility. He thinks he should roam around town and do whatever he wants. It has gotten to the point that his proby officer put him on parental house arrest. Can't go anywhere without an adult, no incoming or outgoing phone calls. This will be for 2 weeks, then it will be back to like it was. The proby officer can threaten him and he will have the "I don't care attitude." But yet he doesn't want to go to JDC. We have done our part and its aggrivating to no end that he just sits there and doesn't do his share. His grades have deffinately shown it as well as the attitude.In one ear and out the other I say.

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