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Wichita superfan with Jayhawkmobile a big hit with KU fans Saturday

Seen this car downtown today. Thought it was pretty cool. Awesome job! Hope it doesn't get vandalized anymore.

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Deer crashes through window at Weaver's

You know what they say when you have too much tequila.

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Deer crashes through window at Weaver's

No, he didn't come from Topeka...Did you stop and think he might of come from Manhattan? Maybe the cats sent him to go ahead and start the bashing of the LOSS they are gonna get when they play the Hawks...Other than that, too funny on the comments here!

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KU employee suspected of charging personal items on university credit card

Well, I know that someone who worked at KU a while back. He had stolen money from the donation boxes from the museum's and he had taken cleaning supplies for personal use. He also took some other things. I turned him in to the KUPD and they talked to him and he admitted to doin it and they fired him. And for doin that, I got a reward for it. :)

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State resumes issuing income tax refunds

Rumor I heard this morning while waiting to clock in at work, which is in Topeka, that Sebelius had the bill sitting on her desk for 5 hours before she even signed it.
I just started working for the state which is a temp. job, and I have to wait a whole month before I receive my first check. The gals that I work with were pretty upset yesterday because they didn't think they were goin to get their checks on Friday.
Another rumor was that they weren't going to be able to cash their check till Sat. I hope when I get paid, my check doesn't bounce!!!
I'm thinkin that maybe Sebelius signed it because she is up for another job...hence the article that is "breaking news."

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Haskell kicks off 125th year

I remember when we lived next door to the Tuckwin's a while back. Very nice family!! Congrats to you!

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Sebelius cites longtime professional relationship in picking Biles for Supreme Court

Good grief, beo, I didn't mean to step on your toes. *hands beo a cup of coffee* It's no one's business really...and uh, my stories are true...a person who lies is a fool!Get over yourself.Anyone and everyone is entitled to state their own opinion..opinions are like *ssholes, everyone has one. :)~

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Sebelius cites longtime professional relationship in picking Biles for Supreme Court

I wonder what Amy's mom and dad thought when they found out that their son n law is 14-16 yrs older than she. I remember goin to church with her back in the day and she is the same age as my oldest cousin. Not to mention I'm surprised that she kept her ex husbands last name instead of taking Biles or go back to her maiden name. Oh the stories I could tell....LOL

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List of events affected by weather

LOL Love how the video up top shows the weather man with his mouth open. LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW...P.S. Don't eat the yellow snow! EWWWWWW

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Budget office: School funding could face cuts

I think they need to cut out the round-abouts all over town. That's where the money is goin.

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