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Pit bull amnesty convinces some owners to abide by ban

I believe that you are in the realm of ridiculousness swbsow.... I mean killing off innocent animals; because of the actions of another? Sounds pretty ridiculous to me! Follow me if you will, and try to keep up:
So, if a family has say 5 children, and one of them should hypothetically murder someone..... would you go and punish or kill the other family members????????????
I thought NOT!
Now then, are dogs not members of the animal kingdom? Same as people?
I thought SO!
So, how can ANY of you people apply any logical rationale for what is happening to these dogs?
If a person kills a K-9 officer of the law, then that person goes to JAIL for Murder!!!! How is killing another dog any different?????
If a dog has an issue, then take that up with the dog, and its respective caretaker! If not, then how about offering some obedience classes for pet and owner!
How about some constructive solutions sometime!?!?!
All you guys are doing is beating each other up! Might be fun, but you aren't accomplishing s**t for either side.
Have you all gone completely mental?
No offense intended to anyone posting here, but can anyone honestly say that THEY, themselves are ready to look into 150+ dogs' eyes, and put them to sleep????

August 18, 2006 at 3:15 p.m. ( | suggest removal )