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Roberts faces GOP foe in Senate re-election bid

Roberts couldn't find Kansas on a map. Get serious, he has sat there for 18 years and he is 77 and he wants another 6 years. Get serious Kansas. Time to retire. By the way, Jerry Moron, is right behind Roberts in milking the taxpayers and kissing a.. of the Koch bros.

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Notable Kansans weighing in against new appellate court selection process

Hey, little Stevie Six you get what you sow. grow up

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Three new members of Kansas Board of Regents bring wide array of experiences

His Excellency Ed Hammond (over26 years of bs) is safe to keep up his version of higher education. these clowns have no idea.

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Roberts says war with Syria likely

Islam, moslems, mohammedans; whatever they are called all I ask is that all boggers who support this worthless and another involvement in the moslem world just go live there for a year and see the truth!

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Roberts says war with Syria likely

I am not religious but why, please tell me why, we should help people who tomorrow will try to kill us in the name of allah.

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Proposal: $6 million rural water plant near Lawrence

dear mikekt. although it may be true that Hays is more responsible due to weather I do not totally agree with that view as I spent several years working against a very uninformed political mafia ( by the way Lawrence was gifted with a Laverne Squire due to his water position (he skipped town). It may be true that surface water is in abundance in Douglas Co. but the water waste down the curb has been treated; that is $$$$$$ spent on processing water that is wasted. We need a responsible water management code. If you want help I will gladly accept; 25 years experience in water.

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Proposal: $6 million rural water plant near Lawrence

Yes, aquifers in eastern kansas are less extensive and surface water is more the common source of water. However, Eastern Kansas receives more rainfall (at least for now) so the aquifers have a higher recharge probability. What needs to be done is common sense water use. Everyday I see sprinklers watering streets and sidewalks for hours on end. Our great and in their mind all knowing CC should pass just a few regulations regarding lawn watering. Hays, for all of its rural 'hickness' according to many of the liberal intellectuals here in Lawrence, has a very good water policy. Commish Amyx should know, he had a house there.

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Proposal: $6 million rural water plant near Lawrence

merrill as a sometimes reader of these comments you have always amused me with your lack of reality. I am a professional hydrogeologist and yes the High Plains Aquifer is in trouble but if you carefully study the map you may find that Douglas County is a long long ways from that aquifer. when going the grad school in hydrology a professor told all of us young naive students to go study minerals/oil. We asked why and he said that in minerals people will ask you for your advice in water everyone and their dog thinks they are experts. you have confirmed his statement.

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Chamber hires former city commissioner Bonnie Lowe as chief operating officer

OK, where is Laverne Squire? Let us bring him back to really make the Chamber do what they are told.

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Freshman KU basketball player Brannen Greene cited for leaving scene of accident

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