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City urged to allow potbellied pigs

This is such a progressive move for the city. I would think that pigs would be treated like any other pet, dog or cat - so I don't understand the extra licensing and microchipping. Dog poop stinks too - that's why there's a nuisance section in the city code. All of these concerns are ridiculous. I love that Lawrence, and especially our city council, is so open-minded; it's such a great city for animals.

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Sixteen of 27 dogs rescued from Independence dog-fighting operation tested, ready for adoption

From what I read, the dogs were temperament tested through Game Dog Guardian, a local group that specializes in pit bull training and evaluation of dogs from cruelty cases, not the humane society. The news story tonight reiterated that they, along with most rescue groups, do not tolerate human aggression or adopt out dogs they deem unsuitable to have as pets. The news person said those dogs are either placed in a sanctuary shelter or euthanized. I imagine the streets of Lawrence will still be safe once these dogs are taught general obedience and house manners - just like any other rescued dog. I also imagine any dog with dog aggression will be placed in a home with a responsible and experienced owner.

Several canine victims of cruelty are therapy dogs - including a therapy dog at Game Dog Guardian called Leonidas.

It looks like they know what they're doing.

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Game Dog Guardian organization aims to end discrimination against pit bulls

Did anyone even read the article or did everyone just see "pit bull" and flip out? This guy is doing something good for the community and inner-city kids with his dogs. What have you done today?

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Critter Care: Web site created to combat prejudice against pit bulls

I am "certain" because I have first hand knowledge. It is a test they have to "pass", not just obedience skills they have to "have". Is the AKC a government group? I think, it too, is just a group of people. Again, this story is about a dog that helps people in hospitals and in the community...why does everyone have such a negative attitude about such a heartwarming story of a dog? It's beyond ridiculous.

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Critter Care: Web site created to combat prejudice against pit bulls

What a fabulous story about a 3-legged dog. From what I can read, it's about a 3-legged dog who passed a certification test to visit people in the hospital and brighten their day, not a pit bull fanatic. Perhaps the article is mis-titled. I'm certain not just any random pet can pass that Delta Society test, the dog has to have an amazing temperament and personality. The owners of the pit bull type breeds have a long way to go to change public perception, or perhaps just uneducated, midwestern perception...either way its nice to see the human/canine bond at work in Lawrence.

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