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District delays moving freshmen

The school board needs to clearly define the goals of reconfiguration. "Better for students" needs to be defined in a measureable way. Our current school configuration is successful.
People who think moving 9th graders to the high schools is a simple process should check out Frank Harwoods report from the Oct 26th school board meeting. There are significant concerns which will require a financial investment to overcome. Look at the specialty classrooms, including music classrooms and science labs (taken out of the h.s. and put in the jr high in the last bond issue. And new gyms were built at the junior highs to faciliate sports and p.e.), etc. Many of the cocurricular and extracurricular programs, esp. the fine arts program, are exceptional. Ninth graders in the junior high are in leadership positions---this impacts their self-image. It sets the stage to positively impact their transition to the larger high school setting. It is not possible to simply move the students without impacting all of the programming. It is not simple, and should not be rushed IF it is done at all.

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