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Shoot for the stars

Although I would like for all of our bball players to stay for four years...I think that they (bball players) need to do what's best for them. If they can go make millions and help their family out...then so be it. Obviously, if they're able to make millions then they did their part and helped Kansas out.

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KU student arrested after climbing through window, into bed with woman

Damn Morningstar....just stay home!!!

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Henry brothers close to making decision; father says no visit to Kentucky, but later says visit on tap

Finally! A ending to all this recruiting madness is near. I hope that both Xavier and CJ come, but Lance will do just fine sporting the Crimson and Blue.

Rock Chalk National Championship 2010!!!

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Collins, Aldrich announce plans to return to KU next season

So we only have one scholarship to give to one of the recruits listed in the article? I'm just so confused because someone told me that because Sherron and Cole are staying now we have to give up two more scholarships....which doesn't seem correct....

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Memphis not hiring recruit’s father

I really hope they decide soon and hopefully it's KU, but they need time to think it through. I've been selfishly hoping to see something regarding their announcement ever since Calipari decided to leave for Kentucky. I'll tell you what though...there's one thing that stands out about the Henry family that I admire the most and it's that they're truly a unique family. I mean Xavier wants to play on the same team as his brother C.J. to keep his family together and the Henry family is doing whatever possible to make that happen while trying to be apart of something special. I hope it all works out in the end and we can provide them all with the hospitality that they all deserve after going through everything that they have been through the past few years. (CJ's eyes, Xaviers automobile accident, Calipari's exit). Good luck and I really hope we'll see both Mr. and Mrs. Henry come back home to KU to watch their two incredibly gifted sons, CJ and Xavier PLAYING ball and cutting down the nets. Rock Chalk!

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Henry brothers in no hurry

What the heck is going on? It sounds like to me that CJ wants to play somewhere where he will be starting or receiving ample playing time, but Xavier would start and definitely receive ample playing time. I believe that's why Xavier changed his mind because Calipari hinted to CJ that he would receive the playing time.

Unfortunately, I don't think we'll land either of them now. Why? because we pissed Lance off and Xavier's brother CJ is being selfish.

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City to mull adopting ‘buy local’ policy

Oh....let me see if I got this....so we (public) should go downtown and spend our money locally, while they're blowing our money in nearby cities? I think I'll go spend my money at the mall this weekend.....

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