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Rivals team up to support Lawrence High School player with cancer

Wow!! What a strong family... This makes me proud to be a Lion! My prayers are with you and your family Zay. You are strong and will get through this!

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Eudora man given two-year probation term in connection with child's broken arm

I didn't see where it said it was because he abused her. Kids' arms can be easily broken. If they were just playing around, it could have happened.

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Crash injures motorcyclist on K-10 in Eudora

Does anyone know who the cyclist is? I have a lot of friends and family in the area...

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Authorities respond to multiple injury crash at 19th and Iowa

How are the injured doing? I knew people in the other car and when I heard they were life flighted my heart sank. I hope all are doing okay. My prayers are with everyone involved and their families.

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Fundraiser for family of Eudora girl hurt in April accident set for June 20

This was the family that lost their 5 year old son in the deadly crash on K10, just outside Eudora.

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Lawrence High School social studies teacher injured in accident east of St. Louis

Mr. Platt and Corey~ Please make a speedy recovery and get home safely!!! It's awful that the 16 year old died... my thoughts are with the families of all involved in this horrific accident. Platt was one of my favorite teachers and he's an amazing person.

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Conservative Kansas Republicans want more cuts to schools, social services, prisons

How much more can we possibly take from the schools? At this rate, none of our students are going to be able to continue with education because there will be nothing there for them.

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Toddler hurt in deadly K-10 crash goes home from hospital

I'm so happy to hear that!

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Young Eudora girl still recovering after Saturday's fatal accident on Kansas Highway 10

Hang in there girls! You've got an angel watching over you now. I'm praying for the family and hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

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