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With students back in Lawrence, police focus on reducing alcohol-related crime

I just love when the police are blocking half the street on a busy night trying to nab someone for being a traffic threat when, in fact, they are much more of an obstacle and a danger.

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Faith Forum: What is your opinion on people getting ordained online to perform weddings?

I am one of those people who got ordained online to perform a marriage for two friends of mine. Ended up doing it again for a co-worker. Not everyone has a religious affiliation but would like to be married in a ceremony outside of the courthouse. I don't know why it is some sort of problem. The people I helped were happy that I was able to do so and I was happy to do it. In all honesty, the only thing that really matters in a marriage is that the two people in question are committed to each other.

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ATF increases reward after Thursday morning's suspected arson case

If I ever see this guy, I'm going to light his a** on fire and see if anyone comes to put him out.

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How do you feel about winter weather?

I'm against it....always against it!

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What is a common food people would be surprised that you do not like?

Mushrooms and Watermelon1

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Town Talk: Olive Garden may not be done on South Iowa; LED lighting place in downtown; commercial nursery looking to expand near Baldwin Junction

Wow, Mrs. Winners. That brings back some memories. Really liked that place way back in the day. Too bad they didn't make it.

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Sweet corn arriving on local markets next week

The corn from Bismarck gardens is the best I've ever tasted.

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Lawrence community able to host track event originally scheduled for Joplin

I would hope that some of the proceeds of this event would go to help out the people in Joplin.

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Writers evaluating public worth of newspapers across country

Don't know anyone who accumulates newsprint anymore. That being said, this is actually a pretty good site. So, give some credit to the LJW.

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Olive Garden considering building restaurant on South Iowa Street

Yeah, could care less. Better Italian restaurants already in this town. Just a "nice" place for the usual suspects to go have a meal. I'm with the guy that says "Hooters." At least the scenery might be good.

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