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House Speaker Merrick OK with 4 percent cut to higher education

Less state funding means higher tuition, higher tuition means less out-of-state dollars funding a quality education at lowered in-state tuition for Kansans, which means fewer educated Kansans, which means fewer Kansan engineers, doctors and teachers. If we as a state are to take seriously the problem of brain drain, we must address the root cause - our inability to educate and retain our own citizens.

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New Senate President Wagle considers reopening legislative redistricting

"But she said if it is possible, "Why not try?"

Because the state legislature faces a giant budget gap and should be working on filling it immediately instead of redoing something they failed to do in the first place?

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Behind the lens: Archiving old slides for the present day? Let’s get digital

Remember to keep the slides. Archiving slides onto hard drives is a bit like archiving stone tablets onto paper - sure, it's easier to handle and reproduce, but I have never seen a hard drive last the 30 years those slides have been in the attic. Archival digital storage is an expensive ongoing process.

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KU ranks low in statewide faculty governance survey

So, of the 8% that responded, a large portion were upset. It sounds like only the upset people took the survey, which is why opt-in surveys are statistically irrelevant.

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Opinion: Change won’t be easy for Republicans

Yes and no. The right garners a lot of votes on the pro-life issue, which while not explicitly religious, is definitely divided down evangelical lines.

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Do you think KU's new mandatory online sexual-harassment course will reduce discrimination and harassment?

Reduce harassment? No. Reduce institutional liability? Absolutely.

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97 KU employees to take buyouts, retire by end of 2012

"The positions will be held open for at least a year, and then will be evaluated moving forward, said Gavin Young, a KU spokesman."

If a third of KU Faculty left and were not replaced for a year, I would imagine it would have an adverse effect on the University's AAU ranking, as well.

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Chronic wasting disease confirmed in 7 Kansas deer

Actually, it's called spongiform encephalopathy, and when it appears in cattle, it's called "Mad Cow Disease."

I'll be skipping the venison this year.

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