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City considering modernized water-meter reading

I've been managing AMI networks for 15 years. There is wide range of options in every price point, all with pros and cons. The city could consider reducing the expense by partnering with Westar Energy. In that case they would have to buy Elster water meters, but they could take advantage of the existing RF network. Another option would be to approach Black Hills to see if they're considering an AMI solution. In that case, they could also share the expense of the RF infrastructure, but would be free to select from a variety of water & gas meters on the market. They may decide that a Walk-by/Drive-by model works well enough. As mentioned, you don't get the benefit of immediate leak detection, but many cities choose this option and take a phased approach. They install the meters first and later, sometime years later they add the RF network. Whatever the city decides, I don't think the meter readers need to worry about keeping their jobs. They'll be busy investigating possible leaks, meter read failures and reading meters that are not being heard on the RF network.

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20-year-old Lawrence man receives probation in robbery case

I might have thought the sentence was light too, if I hadn't been in the court room when he plead guilty. I was present to observe an unrelated case. I cried for this kid I'd never seen before. I thought his life was completley over before it started If you'd seen him, you may not be so quick to judge. A prison sentence would have been tantamount to the death penalty.

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