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Gas stations' switch to summer fuel could mean a rise in gas prices

Back in the days when the gold standard was taken seriously, deflation didn't seem to bother folks much except for farmers who bought their places on credit.

The farmers found themselves paying back their mortgages with ever-more expensive gold as the weather became less favorable and the price of their commodities declined.

That is what spawned the Populist movement and party.

As near as I can tell, the McKinley-Hobart campain in 1896 was the first and last time they successfully explained the benefits of sound money to the working class.

One of the big differences between here and Europe is that stability of value is the ECB's sole guiding principle. Here the Fed has to ballance inflation and unemployment.

Who loses the most due to inflation? Mostly working folks 'cause prices inevatably go up faster than their wages. In a deflationary scenario, employers rarely cut pay, or at least cut it slower than prices decline, 'cause gains in productivity help keep the cash-value of labor stable.

Who benefits from inflation? Mostly bankers and speculators.

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How does your dining etiquette rank?

It's an easy rule: Asuming the table is set correctly, work from the outside in. There should be no peices set which will not be used.

Unfortunately there are idiots who having bought a delux set of silverware with tools for absolutely everything, will put them all out, even when they aren't appropriate. You don't put out the lobster forks unless you are serving lobster, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

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School officials criticize Kansas House bills dealing with KPERS funding

Back in the '80s, KPERS was one of the best funded state pension systems in the country, but even then it faced a deficit.

Then the state lowered its contribution rates (and those for the school boards) but kept the same benefits, and the funding deficit has grown ever since.

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Reuter Organ Co. blends old, new technologies for its church service

“It all depends on how many bells and whistles you want,”

Mostly whistles. Hundreds and hundreds of whistles. Maybe, but just maybe, a few dozen bells too.

Best quote in quite a while. 8-)

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Air Force awards $35 billion tanker contract to Boeing Co.

In these budget-constrained times, it isn't that surprising that the less expensive option prevaled, even if the EADS plane would have been more versatile.

As for the problems with the 787, that was a management problem: They took outsourcing one step too far.

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Which of these comfort foods is your weakness?

Home made bread and dark chocolate. I have a hard time leaving home made cookies alone too. Store bought? Not so much.

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Fix-It Chick: Refinishing furniture a simple task

You got that right bozo!

One night I woke up smelling smoke, and found the basement full of it.

I called the fire department, who came and carried out the smoldering, linseed oil soaked sock a friend had been using to wipe down the equipment I let him keep in my basement.

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Dancing flash mob at KU basketball game provides popular floor show

I have to agree with Plurilingual: If it's planned a week in advance and even rehearsed, it isn't a flash mob, it's a dance conspiracy.

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Kobach testifies in debate over whether undocumented college students should continue to get in-state tuition rates in Kansas

You know, when I went to KU back in the '70s, I don't recall any reference to citizenship or immigration status in the rules: The requirement was residency. Period. Graduate from a Kansas high school and you were presumed to be qualified for in-state tuition.

In any case the US immigration system is immoral: When my ancestors came upwards of 200 years ago, a lot of the time the port captain didn't even bother with copying down the passenger manifest.

Where do we get the right to demand that would be Americans jump through all kinds of hoops just to get here? A quick background check which does not turn up a criminal record should be more than enough!

Indeed, I think anyone graduating with a masters or doctorate degree in the US should receive citizenship whether they want it or not!

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Slice of Life: Body in motion

I was a bit older, a junior in high school, when I discovered dance and learned how to move.

Before that time, I was an extreme klutz, the only people who were worse at moving than I was had major physical challenges: cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or some such.

A friend's girlfriend had drug him to the KU Folk Dance Club and he had liked it and encouraged me to try it.

I instantly fell in love with the complex rhythms and strange harmonies of Balkan dance music, and discovered for the first time in my life that a physical activity could be fun, overcoming the horrifying experience of junior high gym, which quite effectively taught me that physical activities were painful and humiliating.

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