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City to begin searching for sites for potential multimillion dollar police headquarters

I am far from convinced the Lawrence police need a new headquarters costing tens of millions of dollars.

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City of Lawrence begins using new automated trash truck

If the pickup arm is controled by a joystick, how is that automated?

The headline suggested (to computer geek me, anyway) that the pick up arm would be equipted with vision and ranging devices to autonomously pick up the trash bins and the driver would only have to get close enough for the mechanism to reach.

What we have here is not automation, but mechanization, with machinery reducing the head-count of workers, not automatically doing the work.

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Police to add more utility vehicles to patrol fleet

One thing is that a lot of police are considerably taller than average. I'm only 5'11" & 165# and I barely fit in my Civic. I can just iimagine a 6'4" cop trying to exit a Prius in a hurry. . .

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Brownback administration pushes to repeal restrictions on corporate agriculture; opponents say family farms will suffer


You hit all the points I intended to make (and more) so I don't have to!

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Editorial: Decision time

I guess it's understandable that the Lawrence Daily Journal World endorsed the Romney/Ryan ticket, having been a Republican paper since the days when Republicans stood for freedom and fairness, over a century before they morphed into the mean-spirited entities they now are.

Romney "won" the first debate only 'cause no one called him on his um. . . untruths. It's a wonder his pants didn't catch fire!

Romney's performance in the second debate was much worse, mostly 'cause Obama & the moderator both called Romney on his. . . untruths.

The last debate showed Romney as a candidate without a clue with respect to foriegn policy.

A five word sumary of my oppinion of Romney is simple and succinct: Flipper Flopper tells a whoper.

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Thin line can separate coaching and bullying in schools

I wonder what proportion of coaches and gym teachers have a history of bullying when they were students?

I'm sure it used to be much higher than it is today, but. . .

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Medicare increase may mean no Social Security COLA

When is the government going to start using honest inflation numbers?

The CPI statistics have been routinely manipulated to understate the true rate of inflation.

Just the other day I realized I was paying almost exactly ten times as much for gasoline as when I started driving in the early '70s.

That may be an extreme case, but it was a rare shopping expedition when my parents spent over twenty dollars on groceries, where I can hardly get out of the store for less than fifty, and that's buying food for one, where they were buying food for three.

Likewise, I bought my first house in 1985 for what is the price of a decent new car nowadays, admittedly it was a small house (I neither need nor want a big one) but you can't touch anything liveable which includes a lot for four times that now.

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Faith Forum: What is the best way to share your religious beliefs with strangers?

Let people know that your actions are in response to deity by wearing symbols appropriate to your beliefs. When they ask about it, then tell them.

Telling them before they ask is proselytism, a most egregious social crime.

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How often do you purchase KU merchandise?

Never isn't quite true: Back in the '70s I did buy a folk dance club t-shirt.

Never cared for Jayhawks: I've always thought they were hideous, not to mention being named after the premier domestic terrorists of the Kansas territorial era.

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Which of these Elizabeth Taylor movies is your favorite?

I'll second Taming of the Shrew. Of course I haven't seen a lot of the others.

But before I saw Taming of teh Shrew, I wondered why Ms. Taylor was such a big deal. She managed to sell Katherina's climactic speech without seeming broken and that's darn near impossible.

An outstanding performance by an astoundingly beautiful actress.

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