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Colorado officials mystified by Brownback's letter on water deal

California likes hippies, maybe you should move there.

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Are you experiencing any postelection stress?


mrcairo you are truly outspoken. But, hey if thats how you feel, can I suggest Canada? You won't have to worry about your extra 7500 a year for health insurance.

It's obvious that you don't know much about our military. I am currently serving active duty. Since I serve here in the states, I guess I don't protect anyone's freedoms right? I can now sit at home and wonder what purpose I serve. Thank you for enlightening me. I now can only hope that you do take yourself and your kids to Canada or New Zealand. Maybe you could tell the rest of the people serving that they serve no purpose because they are not in Afgahnistan. Except for doing the bidding of Clinton and George W. in protecting Halliburton. Thank You.

I hope you don't have too many kids, as they will probably follow your idiotic teachings. Heaven forbid someone you love die for a cause.

lulu - keep honking for hemp. Maybe it will take the edge off when our next republican president is elected in '08.

me - i guess i better go get me an educaton so i don't vote for my own job loss. At least now I can stockpile my assualt weapons and sawwed offs in preparation for the "christian taliban's" war on america's freedoms and decencies.

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Did your voting experience go smoothly?

I guess I don't really understand why lulu calls President Bush "Shrub". Maybe that's just how you read when you pop a few too many tabs.

I recall clinton handing Halliburton a no-bid contract in Yugoslavia. Or were you trippin' face when that happened, too? Maybe you were honking for hemp instead of watching the news when Bin Laden tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993. I'm glad former President Clinton did something about that.

Who's proposed reinstating a draft in the past year? A Democrat. But maybe we should ask the United Nations if we could reinstate the draft. We do need their approval if in matters of war, right? I mean, who are we to make our own desicions?

Kerry will just have to sit in one of his 7 mansions and realize the he will never be John F. Kennedy. At least he'll still have the same initials.

Maybe now our "Political Advisors" like Ashton Kusher and P. Diddy can get back to making movies and music. Their expert opinions on war and the economy were greatly appreciated. Maybe next time guys. Maybe next time.

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