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School board to plot next moves

So what positions does 497 have that these other districts don't? Or is it a matter of assistant and deputies for a given function? Does the district publicly justify the admin ratio being higher than our peers?

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School board to plot next moves


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School board to plot next moves

There have been a number of comments that suggest that USD 497 is top-heavy with management. Has anyone done a comparison with other districts and have any numbers on how the administrator/teacher/student ratios compare to other Kansas, Big 12, and US cities of similar population? If so I'd like a pointer.

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School district asked to keep 9th-grade German classes

[Translation from the news article in the OSTHOLSTEINER ANZEIGER, 22 April 2010 provided by one of the Lawrence German teachers]
Is Lawrence cutting German courses?
German as a school subject is endangered in Eutin’s American Sister City
In our sister city of Lawrence a decision will be made in the next week that will have important repercussions for Eutin as well. The local board of education in this university town in Kansas will decide on the recommendation to cut German instruction in the 9th grade as part of saving measures necessary also over there.
The sponsors of the college and high school exchanges are vehemently protesting this decision. City representative Ernst-Joachim Meseck and mayor Klaus-Dieter Schulz expressed their concerns in a letter to the City of Lawrence.
In the letter to the Lawrence School Board members the Eutin representatives write in essence as follows: “We consider it a mistake to take away 9th graders’ chance to choose German. We are convinced that such a cut will reduce this subject’s appeal and soon make it disappear entirely. We disagree and emphasize the importance of a regular exchange program for high school and university students between Lawrence and Eutin based on knowledge of the English and the German languages.”
The Eutin schools’ coordinators of the exchange program as well as Martin Vollertsen, the chair of Friends of Lawrence, signed this letter as well. Vollertsen is in close contact with his colleagues and friends in Kansas. From there he also received a letter to the editor which was submitted to the Lawrence Journal World newspaper by teachers, parents, students, and Friends of German Instruction in Lawrence.
In this letter it is stated, quote, “We are strongly opposed to cutting ninth grade German in Lawrence and losing two talented teachers. This will do irreparable harm to the district and our children, with impacts far beyond the German program.” Furthermore the letter states, “This decision does not consider the devastating impact on our Eutin sister city exchange program and its students; it is unconscionable that one of only three course cuts (German, sewing, and photography) would be one that is the beginning of a multi-year sequence.”
The letter is signed by Dr. Mark Daly, Prof. Dr. William D. Keel, and Prof. Dr. James P.G. Sterbenz. They are known in Eutin as well.
Independent of the outcome of this matter, the more than 40-year-old university student-exchange program will be continued. Ten students of the University of Kansas are expected to arrive in Eutin on May 28, where they will receive language instruction into July. In addition, high school students and interns from Eutin’s American sister city will also come here in May. Martin Vollertsen is optimistic that at least this tradition will hold.

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School district asked to keep 9th-grade German classes

So you'll know the difference between "Ich bin ein Berliner" and "Ich bin Berliner" ;-)

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School district asked to keep 9th-grade German classes

And we are also learning that colleges rate *districts* on the breadth and depth of their academic offerings, and the expectation is that a district the size of Lawrence, particularly in a college town, offer at least 4 years of the three common languages: French, German, and Spanish. Anything more (like Latin or Chinese) is positive, anything less negatively affects their perception of the quality of the district and (perhaps unfairly) the kids that come from it.

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School district asked to keep 9th-grade German classes

Article in the regional German newspaper that serves our Eutin sister city: (a translation is in the works)

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German cuts

Yes, there is no evidence that it is anything more than a decision that was taken without having the data or considering the consequences. Unfortunately, those making the decision seem unwilling to admit the mistake and try to correct it.

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German cuts

I agree with just_another_bozo_on_this_bus, and as I am sitting in my office surrounded by 2 PCs (Linux and Windows), 2 laptops (MacOS and Linux), a tablet (Windows), and 6 monitors, I am *not* a technophobe. I've used Rosetta in German and Japanese, and it has its place, but it is not a substitute for a human teacher.

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German cuts

Are you really saying that it has remained constant even after the last two years' budget cuts? What are the numbers and what is your source?

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