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Lawrence police: Three teenagers allegedly skip school to attempt armed robbery

Couple of facts to add:

The clerk at this site is an aspiring martial arts instructor.

The site is a demonstration site for HD video surveillance systems - it has the most comprehensive HD video surveillance system in the City of Lawrence, possibly the State of Kansas.

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Douglas County economic development plan proposes venture capital, other assistance for start-ups

Wouldn't it be nice to have a competitive Gigabit Fiber network where multiple providers competed to bring you the best Internet, TV, Phone and Holographic Sports coverage?

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Chamber of Commerce CEO confident despite lagging job growth, high taxes

I think the tech community has made its view on this issue pretty clear:

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Just Food says its shelves are nearly bare

Check sent

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Lawrence man wins Army ranger competition

Congratulations LT.

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Police identify victim killed in shooting at Mother's Day cookout

We have some choices to make as a community. A single homicide or isolated violent event is to be expected from time to time, but six homicides in the last 11 months is a serious problem.

It is time for our community to start looking for the root cause of this outbreak and start taking steps to fix it.

Lawrence has its historical problems, but violence has never been one of them. We are on track this year to eclipse Topeka in terms of total murders per capita. Topeka.

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Police: Man killed in shooting at East 13th and Maple Lane during Mother's Day cookout

How about:

1. Lets take steps to combat poverty and provide meaningful employment opportunities.
2. Lets work to identify habitual offenders and take steps to better supervise their activities.
3. Lets get our neighborhoods together to help identify at-risk individuals (both victims and shooters) and take steps to intervene to provide them with opportunities.
4. Lets work with landlords and neighborhoods to ensure that we are not building islands of poverty in an otherwise wealthy community.

All of those things are workable provided that our leadership at city hall takes the issue seriously and begins to expend resources on it.

What we should not do is - nothing. This is how city hall and local law enforcement has handled this outbreak so far and so far it hasn't worked.

Lets not wait until these neighborhoods become blighted and the problems become unsolvable. Lets work to solve them now.

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Police: Man killed in shooting at East 13th and Maple Lane during Mother's Day cookout

It is time for our community to start taking steps to combat gun violence.

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Number of Kansans who signed up for insurance through marketplace exceeds government's expectations

But Fox News and Dolph Simons keep telling us the ACA isn't working. That it is a disaster, that it is the end of 'merica as we know it.

What gives? The facts don't align with the propaganda?

Too bad Kansas missed out on the medicaid expansion. There are now hundreds of thousands of Kansans who are uninsured because Gov. Brownback has been making decisions based on propaganda instead of facts.

It's time for a change.

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