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Kobach to start voter fraud prosecutions in September

I want to clarify for any students reading this: It is fine to register to vote in Lawrence provided you do not vote twice in the same election.

Students are permitted to, and should be encouraged to, participate in Lawrence elections.

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

Why is it that conservatives say "tax cuts will generate revenue", but ignore the fact that wage increases ACTUALLY generate revenue - at a very high rate.

The creation of the middle class in our nation was caused by increased wages due in part to WWII - not to tax cuts, supply side or voodoo economics.

KC's wage increase will result in more spending on the part of low wage workers. It will boost retail sales (poor folks spend almost ALL of their wages), boost sales tax revenues and result in INCREASED employment as businesses prosper due to increased sales.

Who will suffer? Walmart, the Dollar Store, McDonalds, slumlords and other cheap, poor quality low cost businesses. Who will win? Home builders, Kroger, HyVee, Local Restaurants and other higher quality businesses.

I would also expect to see an overall increase in employment, standards of living, educational outcomes and other - measurable - statistics.

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Editorial: Boon for Baker

KU already has gigabit fiber provided by KanREN.

The KU Greek system already has gigabit fiber provided by Wicked Broadband.

Gigabit service is already available along major streets in Lawrence from Wicked Broadband.

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RG Fiber now installing fiber optic wire in Baldwin City

Sounds like his other business is failing too. Wonder how long it is going to take RG to burn through Rex Schick's funds.

"The near-empty office also was reflective of the “hard decision” he and his partners, Casey Morford and Josh Strohm, made to scale back because of the local Internet limitation"

I'm sure it was limitations on Internet access and not business management, finance, lack of sales or inability to keep customers. Lots of software development and support shops lay people off because of "local Internet limitation".

Sure, "local Internet imitation", say that Mike, that sounds good. Wonder if he told the laid off employees the same thing?

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RG Fiber now installing fiber optic wire in Baldwin City

LJWorld got its facts wrong again:

"Two years ago this month, the partners announced the creation of RG Fiber to address that shortcoming."

According to the Secretary of State - RG Fiber was formed in Kansas May 2, 2014 (13 months ago)

Mike Bosch did have a previous company "Dawn Fiber, Llc", but it collapsed last year due to financial improprieties. ( More details on Mike Bosche's other failed business efforts here: )

If by "partners" the LJWorld means jilted-and-lawyered-up-ex-business-aquantences I guess this might be accurate.

Would be nice to see some actual reporting from the LJWorld on this. Maybe talk to his past business partners, employers, etc. Get the real story of Mike Bosch out for Lawrence readers.

Would be nice to see some integrity in reporting from the LJWorld.

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Letter: Not a choice

Newspapers likes Dolph's are not subject to sales tax.

Come to think of it, neither is the Internet service that made up the core revenue of his recently sold cable company (I heard he got $160 Million). Sunflower paid zero dollars in sales taxes on their Internet product.

Dolph and friends want to use our public roads, educate their children in our public schools, defend their rights with our public police, and let everyone else in the public pay for it.

As an aside: Imagine how much power the newspapers have to have exempted themselves from sales taxes for all of these years.

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

Looks like Fox News has lost another Lawrence viewer......

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Potential deal to bring gigabit Internet service to Eudora may delay plans for Lawrence; city committee rejects plan to demolish East Lawrence Quonset hut

RG Fiber? A company with no infrastructure, no operating history and no experience? A CEO noted for multiple business failings? A company that folded its original entity "Dawn Fiber, Llc" just last year?

Sounds like a good choice. Best of luck Eudora - you're going to need it.

In case you are wondering what unbiased journalism looks like, Chad. Here is a link.

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Commissioners concerned about e-mail from Wicked Broadband; WOW introduces faster Internet service; update on cable TV changes in Lawrence

I wanted to publish the E-mail I sent to Commissioners Schumm and Riordan in full so that the public can see it. Despite its brevity, the LJWorld didn't publish it in full (it would have ruined their narrative).

Schumm and Riordan are seeking re-election and Schumm had highlighted the installation of fiber as one of his key issues. Thursday's newspaper story was my reward for reaching out to them.
<---------- F U L L T E X T ---------->

It won't surprise you that I've been organizing a block of voters for this upcoming election.

I have 1,184 voters committed to voting in the primary and the general. The primary issue they'll be voting on is fiber.

I'd like to have a sit down with you here at the Entrepreneurship Center in advance of next Tuesday's meeting to discuss your position on the issue and how we might be able to work together for the benefit of Lawrence.

Joshua Montgomery
Wicked Broadband
2321 Ponderosa Drive
P.O. Box 3532
Lawrence, KS 66046
Fx: (785) 331-2086

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City: Apartment complex by Memorial Stadium moving forward

I strongly believe that they would have built it without the 85% 10 year tax abatement.

Same goes for the Marriott project at 9th & New Hampshire and the Oread Inn. All of them would have been built without the City sweetening the pot for the developers.

By spending through the tax code (instead of through expenditures), the City of Lawrence has turned over its entire economic development budget to wealthy developers and has nothing left to encourage small business growth.

The result? We are 4,000 jobs behind comparable communities in job growth over the past 10 years. That is $14.6 Million in lost tax revenue EACH YEAR.

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