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Kentucky makes mockery of student-athlete hype

oh my...have you already forgotten the joke that is Josh Selby?? $$$ from a friend of an agent blah blah...drops out to pursue his draft prep...or what of Xavier Henry??? would Self turned ADavis or Gilchrist away from Kansas had they chosen to play in Lawrence instead of Lexington??? Before you cast the first stone, be sure of your own program's misgivings... and of course, who would rather have kids risk injury playing for their college team while risking their future??? Apparently Kansas writers and fans who somehow believe that you are above "one-and-done" players (while utilizing them anyway) and then claiming that Kansas does it the "right way" (also ignoring the fact that UK had the highest APR in the SEC last year)...much like Bobby Knight's ignorant rant deriding UK's team going to class in 2010 (and then having to apologize), it seems the same can be said of this piece's writer... not factually based and full of that the sort of legacy one can expect from Kansas? Apparently so...and if memory serves, Kansas has had the actual recruiting violations (under Self) and issues regarding ticket sales...Kansas is just like the rest of the programs in the country who utilize whatever it takes to be competitive (and in the NCAA tournament as a high seed every year)...don't hide behind self-righteousness when it doesn't even exist...funny...and hypocritical

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