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Double Take: Passion for subject just one factor in choosing college major

"A twentysomething who is already counting down the years to retirement can’t offer the energy and creativity required to remain relevant in the global economy. "

Katie...I can only hope you are referring to someone who is working a job they hate and has not yet gained the maturity to empower themselves to change their life.

You obviously are completely lacking in maturity and world experience. I would also suggest that you are pretentious in understanding anything about the work world. There are a lot of Art History majors working in the service industry. That liberal arts degree you are so enamored with better come with a lot of luck and drive...although I do agree the education you get is very valuable.

And, having said that, you also don't want to be on your death bed wishing you have pursued your dream. Young people need to measure their passion. A professional musician once said...only major in music if you CAN'T do anything else. In other words, your whole life is about that and money isn't a factor.

But if you DON't have that passion, you'll figure that out in college hopefully, then you CAN be an engineer and have the money to indulge in your passion of Civil War history through reenactments, etc. There are all sorts of ways you can structure your life and education to be content...and you will find it will change as you mature and grow.

As an older woman who has been around the block, my recommendation would be to learn a second language and expose yourself to all kinds of things in college. The high school perspective of life is VERY small.

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Former area Boy Scouts react to decision allowing gay scouts

As the mother of two eagle scouts, I'm thrilled with the decision. I understand the other point of view, but I think it's based in stereotyping, hysteria, misinformation...and probably a lot of bad Catholic priests.

I don't recall Mary Kay LeTourneau being a lesbian!

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School district's mailing about bond issue raises eyebrows

These comments remind me of the time I was standing in line to tour the White House and heard the staff refer to "us" as sheep and cattle in a fairly derogatory way.

Give me a BREAK! This was a TAX-FUNDED political mailing. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a buffoon. The powers that be know nothing will come of it.

The super's secretary told me that they let a VALUABLE staff person quite rather than give them a raise; "that we all rise together." That did it for me. I'll never vote for school funding again until I see real change in teacher quality and how the are compensated. A great teacher can teach in a shack. Until we hire great teachers, we're wasting our money.

P.S. I particularly love the person who says "one person whines.....becomes news" So we shouldn't question use of taxpayer money? Have you taken any history classes?????

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Public airs questions over $92.5 million school bond issue

My income is less than $50,000 and my house is small. Maybe I should move and just let wealthy johnson county people move here who can afford it. I'm sure a number of people here would love to see all those small houses they are building here!!

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Public airs questions over $92.5 million school bond issue

The last couple of years I have actually LOOKED at my property tax breakdown and been shocked at how much of it goes to the schools.

I want good education, but I can't afford it any more.

If I knew we were able to keep great teachers, like Ms. Bear, the former band director at Free State, I'd be willing to spend the money.....but even property taxes are TOO high!!!!!!!!

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Lawsuit alleging age discrimination at KU dismissed

Age discrimination in hiring is rampant and accepted. It would be interesting to have the Journal World print the ages of all the new employees hired at KU in the last 4-5 years.

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Family man: KU’s Travis Releford relishes fatherhood

I adore Travis but I am SO disappointed in both he and his girlfriend that they think it is okay to not be married. Travis, if you and the mom are so committed, MAKE IT LEGAL. Make your son legal. (1) You can still have a huge expensive second wedding if the pros come through! (2) I think any child would rather have his parents get divorced than to have to grow up knowing they didn't care enough to marry. (3) If you're worried about money, get a pre-nup! (4) How does ANYone get pregnant accidentally these days...give me a break!!! "Marriage is longer needed.... noted above here.... What a bunch of crap!! It's just another example of how women are still under a man's thumb... If a man won't marry you and you're having a baby, your troubles have JUST started!!! Kids aren't toys. Don't use them to try to hang on to a man.

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Two Lawrence men arrested after altercation at Sixth and Kasold shopping center

Thai Siam is a great restaurant and we feel like we're in a Saturday Night Live episode every time we go! It's one of the few quirky restaurants Lawrence has!!! So don't go putting out bad information when you don't know what you're talking about. As for the Sprite guy, get over it!

It's hot outside. Everyone is cranky!!

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What store, if any, is downtown lacking?

A "dime store" Ben Franklin like they have in Brookside in Kansas City.

A store that's a cross between the old Palace (cards), Penny Annies (is open in Eudora!!), has a soda fountain, fun stuff that isn't outrageously priced like Hobbs.

Definitely a bookstore....but people can't sit there and read the books so that when you go to buy a book, it looks like a used book!

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