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When do you think kids should start learning about politics?

I plan on pumping soundwaves of Hannity, Limbaugh, Franken etc. into my wife's uterus. I want my baby to come out with well-reasoned, sound and unbiased opinions.

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US must foster free trade

"We need to negotiate with our trading partners and have them accept more American goods in order to create more "fair trade"."That's the preliminary thought that the British used before they addicted the population of China to Opium. The problem is our consumer-driven lifestyle, not the fact that some underdeveloped or still-developing countries can't afford some of the very expensive products and services that we have to offer, to the degree that would match our voracious national consumption habits. Maybe the trade balance would be addressed simply by us taking some of the money that we have been spending (some of which doesn't belong to us anyway) and saved it, instead, allowing it to be invested in human capital and physical capital to increase our own productivity.

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Chicago taint

standuporget: I would think it's pretty simple. It means that many people (and this one is primarily people from the conservative side of things) hold to enlisted men as wonderful examples of everything great: patriotism, intelligence, involvement, love for country, etc. The reality, as Pywacket mentioned, is that they are, to a great degree, high-school graduates with no higher education. I'll go one further, but this is primarily anecdotal, from my multiple friends and family friends who have been in the military in one facet or another. They are made up of a good proportion of kids who are entering because they don't have any other direction in their lives at the time, kids who are looking (or having their parents look for them) for some method of disciplining their prior uncontrollable behavior, and kids looking for ways to pay for college after they get out. This is all fine, of course. It only becomes relevant when someone like madmike starts talking about their voting records and how it shows what people are apparently thinking. Given the uncultivated state of the kids in question, and given the very real, recognized and largely admitted indoctrination practices of the military (resocialization is I believe what it's called, though the military doesn't call it that, I don't think), then venerating their political opinions is, in my opinion, somewhat suspect. Well, absolutely suspect. Hope that clears it up for you.

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Same-Sex Marriage: How Will it Affect Our Society?

"Ahem: I'll reiterate *marriage* does not occur in a church or in a courthouse."You can reiterate if you want, it still doesn't make that sentence mean anything, or make it true."I need no "institution" to "legitimize" my marriage, "officially" or otherwise."Yes, you actually do, except probably to yourself. You can call yourself married if you want, but unless it involved the official documentation and signing the certificate, then you will not be recognized as being married, and not subject to the benefits of being married in the eyes of the state. And then, of course, you can tack God and the Church on if you need either of those parties to recognize your union, but that is unnecessary for being married. "Again, putting the cart before the horse: but, then again, as your concluding remark might suggest, horses certainly are not in need of carts."I could say the same, Tangent. To my mind, the relationship probably came much before the marriage, even if they didn't use those terms. I have a number of gay friends, by the way, none of which are married, many of whom have had very strong relationships. I'll also admit some degree of romantic deficiency, though I do try with my own marriage (which was a very strong relationship prior to signing the papers that made us "married," which I admit meant next to nothing to me but officialized redundancy tacked on to our strong relationship), but again we're not talking about anything romantic here. Gays fighting for the rights to a union are not fighting for the right to be romantically involved, they have that already.

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Evolution evidence?

"why don't you cite an example of a single tenet of evolution the evidence for which is not hotly contested. You won't, because you can't."Bacteria evolve. It happens all the time, and it is observable. It is evolution, and you can't deny it, but you can still contest it, so I guess in the end you're probably right. There is no evidence so strong that people determined to close their ears, eyes and minds will not be able to contest, as long as they're free to ignore everything but what they want to perceive.

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McCain campaign feeds fear of Obama

Whoops. I think I confused notajayhawk's argument with Satirical's. My apologies.

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Courts attacking marriage

waves handThese are not the meanings you're looking for.Move along. Move along.

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Jordan levels charges at Moore

Sigh. . . I thought this could possibly be Michael Jordan leveling charges at Michael Moore. Now That would have been a fun one-on-one game to watch!

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Courts attacking marriage

"How can the courts be "attacking marriage", when they are making more marriages possible?"Well, when you view yourself as belonging to some exclusive club, then I suppose more being allowed in can be viewed as an attack. It would be like lowering the dues on Country Club Memberships.

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McCain campaign feeds fear of Obama

Sometime I'd really like to have notajayhawk actually Define what it is to be a socialist. He does, if I recall, support federally funded police, fire, and emergency response. I wonder which way he leans on education, transportation, infrastructure and health inspection.It is good, though, that he's actually using the term "socialist" now rather than equating it with liberal. That was somewhat unfair, I thought, as he refused to allow that same redefinition with the term "conservative."

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