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Brownback defends gun law, despite pending legal challenge

I believe the right to bear arms is crucial. What happens when they take all of our weapons away, there will be no defenses against those trying to hurt us and there will be no hunting for food. I grew up in the country eating deer meat, are they going to make us all just eat processed foods now? I would have starved as a child without guns and bow's. I believe it is ridiculous to try to take away my right to bear arms. Arrest me if you want, but I will never give it up.

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How much do you usually pay for electricity each month?

my electric is cheaper in the winter, but Gas bill is enormous!
Summer electric runs about $160, winter it is about $50.
Gas in the summer is $20 or less, winter is about $230 per month.

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City Commissioner wants to discuss pay-as-you-throw pricing for trash removal, as well as privatizing the service

Maybe they added to the article after your original post, but yes, Deffenbaugh is picking up recycling in Lawrence now.

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Do you support the building of a mosque and Islamic cultural center a few blocks from the site of ground zero in New York City?

Freedom of Religion! Why is this even a question?!? If this was a Christian, Cathothic, Baptist, ect church going up, would there be controversy?

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How would you grade the taste of the city's tap water?

I gave Lawrence water an A.
I've drank alot of nasty tap water, for example:
Pittsburg, KS - water tastes (and smells) like Sulfur.
LaCygne, KS - water tastes (and smells) like Fish (comes right out of the river!)

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Business clothing given away today

I heard of this last Friday and brought many, gently used, pants and blouses in. I hope those in need will take of advantage of free clothing to help better their employment chances.

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Obama voters made a mistake

It's not like McCain could have done any better. Geez, give the good ol' president a chance.

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Obama: GOP blocking benefits for unemployed

I completely agree. I know more than a handful of people, born and raised in Kansas, that lost their jobs due to downsizing. They have been searching for work, but with no luck. These people need money to survive. They cannot pay their mortgage or bills, let alone buy food. They are losing all that they once had and worked so hard for. The unemployement benefits need extended. Democrat or Republican shouldn't matter, American's should take care of each other.

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Who is your favorite comedian?

I saw George Carlin in 2006 (Parsons, Kansas), he was pick for sure!

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