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Donor pays $130,000 to keep Jayhawk collection with the Kansas Union

It's pretty easy to spend other people's money irtnog2001. I'll look for your donation of two scholarships in next week's paper!

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Letter: Jayhawk update

I think one of the unique things about Hal Sandy's Jayhawk is that it doesn't look dated like the other Jayhawks, even after 67 years. KU can, and has, used the "KU" logo for athletics, in addition to the Jayhawk, and mascots don't really win games. And the Happy Jayhawk starts recruiting toddlers very early for KU! If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

KU has also added the Beak 'Em Hawks design, a Baby Jay mascot logo, etc. You'll also notice the University still uses the historic Jayhawks on many items. So, I think KU should stick with the Hal Sandy "Happy Jayhawk" for most uses.

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Trademark protection a constant concern for KU

The color is still Royal Blue!

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Trademark protection a constant concern for KU

Yes, scholarship money and protecting the image of the University.

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Brownback, KU officials hope to draw on free-state history to fight modern-day slavery

I don't think anyone has said they hate Brownback (except for a few right leaning people putting words in the mouths of liberals, again), but feel that his policies of making the poor pay more in taxes and removing more services for the poor, lead to more human trafficking. Poor people will do what they need to to survive, and human trafficking is built on that.

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Details on proposed city/KU sports complex emerging; deal likely won't involve standard bidding process

The city needs to run from Fritzel and the KU Athletics Department! Do not partner with either of them or you'll be sorry, or rather, the citizens of Lawrence will.

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Opinion: Time to halt the entitlement state

You imply that it is only democrats that are using entitlements... I am almost certain that is not the case!

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Heard on the Hill: KU to open parking lots for homecoming parade; recycling program in existence at Allen Fieldhouse; some applicants have problems with new jobs site

It's the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center, not Amber. The parking lot is a long way from the parade route.

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100 years ago: Haskell students first to try new 'morals course'

Was Snyder the coach back then too?

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Letter: Misbehaving

How about going to the candidates own websites?

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