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Motorcyclist injured in crash on Clinton Parkway near Lawrence Avenue

Regardless of the U-turn - which this story does not say was legal or not - if the motorcyclist hit the back of the car, it's the motorcyclist's fault. If the motorcyclist had a defined lane while the car was in the middle, and the car moved into the lane of the motorcyclist and the collision was on the side of the car, then it's the driver's fault. Not sure if the police understand this concept, but the motorcyclist's insurance company definitely will. If you hit the back of someone's car, it's always your fault, so if someone is straddling two lanes.. slow down!!

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Clearer picture emerges of proposed recreation center


It's great that it has a lot of amenities, but how about some artistic creativity?

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Physicists say they’ve found ‘God particle’

For starters, 5,100 scientist = 5,100 jobs. Plus, there's a very practical application in things like computers from the materials that have been researched over the years in building these particle colliders. People that think as narrowly and naively as you contribute to the reason scientists are flocking away from the US to conduct their research.

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Do you prefer watching or participating in team sports or individual sports?

If there's a neither, there should be a 'I enjoy both.'

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Tennis compromise

Question for city commissioners: How does the light pollution of the new football complex at LHS compare to the predicted light pollution of the new tennis court lights? Agreed that FSHS should have lights, too. Also, they should have new courts, or at least level courts...

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Mother of CLO client files lawsuit claiming wrongful death

My father worked there for almost twenty years and I can tell you first hand that he never called the people they assisted "consumers" or "clients," he always spoke of them with the same words that he would use to describe anyone else - as people. He did not tolerate neglect on the behalf of their employees, and trained the employees so well that there was not a chance for incompetence. Many other organizations around the country look at CLO as a model organization because of its outstanding track record.

As I grew up, I came to know several of the residents and employees at CLO, and it was very apparent that CLO put 110% into the care and well-being of the individuals they serve. It's too bad that the only articles to make the paper focus on terrible things that happen - it gives the public an unrealistic picture. You never seem to read articles praising outstanding compliance.

My condolences go out to the family of Timothy. I don't know the details of this particular incident, so I'm going to try not to make a naive remark about the situation, but there are often mistakes that can occur that are not due to negligence. I think the fact that Josephine trusted her son with CLO for over two decades illustrates how much she trusted the organization. Nonetheless, as "mental anguish, suffering and bereavement" are common things that people experience when a loved one passes, I understand her frustration and reasons for legal action.

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GOP must make case against Obamacare

you're right, except when you responded to woodscolt, you forgot to debate the point of his post. if you think women have the right to have these things, great. the next step is allowing them free and easy access to them, and that's what this compromise does. i believe woodscolt's attempt at logic implied that you disagreed with the point of his post

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Missing student Aisha Khan found safe

Let's not assume she was trying to escape the marriage just b/c of the way she looks. You know nothing about her

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Missing student Aisha Khan found safe

You don't know that. Why post a naive/racist comment like that?

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