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Historic home catches fire

For the longest time I did not want to post on this but I feel I should. I think we all should look at what is most important part of this article was every one was safe. My familly is going to get through this and we all should be happy nothing bad happend. I am glad so many people care about us and wish us luck, to you I say thanks. The one thing that makes me sad is that we are attacking a child my brother. He has done nothing to deserve this. its hard enough going through highschool and kids giving one a hard time. Kathy i dont know you and wish nothing bad on you but I wish you would think about who you are hurting "my brother." Im sure he will have a hard enough time without you posting these coments. I hope that all of this stuff would stop no one needs and it is getting old. So please focus on what is most important in the article, that no one was hurt and the house still stands. Please let all these bad posting stop so we can all move on. To my familly I love you and can wait to see you soon.

John Riordan

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