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Easy, tasty and cheap - broccoli and pasta recipe

Marcella Hazan in Marcella Cucina has a variation on this with mozzarella. It is a bit more work but it is worth it.

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Next-best fit for KU? Big/Pac-20

KU to the SEC?

Just a thought

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Some precipitation numbers from last night — but you can make them more accurate

Lawrence - Hillcrest Road - .31

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KU soccer falls to top-seeded Missouri, 3-2, in OT

I agree with WilburM. Good season. Next year should be great.

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Top Chef Masters — A winner is crowned

If you haven't been to Rick's places in Chicago, they are a must on your next trip. If you hope to get in, call ahead.

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User fees


Good ideas. Now all we need is some leadership on the city council.

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Wagon still has room

Actually tickets are $6.

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Kansas Chamber releases poll showing significant support for coal-burning power plants

Assuming that the 600 was a random sample, this poll would have a margin of error that should have been reported. If it was not a random sample the results cannot be generalized.

I think that for a random sample of 600 the margin of error would be about 4%. So the result was somewhere between 47% and 55%. Since this band covers 50% I don't think that you can report this as a majority.

The actual question should have also been reported.

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Affordable Adoptions


Yes children with disabilities can be very complicated and expensive.
The best advice is to have a full assessment of the child's needs by the best professionals around so you know what to expect. You can also use this information to get the needed assistance from SRS.

Not all of the children waiting to be adopted have these very complicated disabilities

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Affordable Adoptions


Most states including Kansas are open to single people adopting and I don't know of any stated age limits. Many grandparents are adopting. Of course the age of the adoptive parents and the age of the child are important considerations in making a match.

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