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Kansas taxes nearly $13M less than anticipated in October

Why anyone would vote for those in office is beyond me. Clearly they should as Trump states drain the swamp..This is Reagan economies, trickle down theory at its proven best. It does NOT work for anyone but the elite rich. They prosper. When will the people of Kansas wake up.

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Economists say population changes threaten to make Kansas budget problems worse in future

Republican party strong hold are older men/woman, under educated and racists (who thrive in rural areas). Its not nice to say but true. Why? Because they are not progressive pure and simple. Younger people are progressive forward thinkers. They can see the destruction coming. Why live in a state without a future. I personally love rural living. I Live in Tulsa and work in a smaller town outside Tulsa. Its lack of progressive thinking and drug issues force me to live in an Urban area which is actually safer. Go figure

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Analysis: Brownback's view of Kansas economy as a 'three-legged stool' no longer accurate

The aviation business in Kansas has been dead for a long time and continues to die. This state has failed to diversify as it was warned decades ago. Yes it business tax base is gone and what it had it killed. Brownback and others fail to understand NO business is moving to a state where it can not educate its workers, provide adequate infra structure and road ways.

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Brownback orders emergency actions in face of another looming revenue shortfall

I left Kansas a few years ago. However with such dire financial problems why has no one impeached Brownback? Why did you fools re-elect him? You scream and moan about Brownback but I read nothing about his removal from office.

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Court: Kansas sheriff's deputy must face trial for killing family's dog

Sad, Family pets murdered. I hope these officers learned a lesson regarding a persons property. They may enforce the law, they are not the law.

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Brownback not planning more budget cuts in wake of latest revenue shortfall

Lived in Kansas 1984-2011, Oklahoma 2011-present...I have watched both sates in recent years follow that example. Both states are in serious budget issues and they are being ignored. Both have destroyed the health system in their states, education is a laugh, roads are pretty much trash. Yet they continue to give tax breaks to bring business in. Whats happening, businesses are leaving. Their experiement is failing, yet these ill educated people continue to vote for them.

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Brownback not planning more budget cuts in wake of latest revenue shortfall

No Idea where you got this chart, but Kansas is near bankrupt and Oklahoma is as well. Being millions in debt each month. hundreds of millions in shortfall and slashing budgets to nothing is NOT SOLVENT

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If the Legislature does it, does that mean it's not illegal?

I agree, but not just these few lawmakers, but every damn one of them. They have all failed the state in this matter. Maybe a few days in jail they will get back to work and understand they have to fund education, not gut it for tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy

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Kansas lawmakers pass resolution on school bathroom use, don't take action to keep schools open

Its time for the courts to put the BITE on the lawmakers. Hold each one of them on contempt and jail them. Until they vote to open up a special session to resolve the funding issue.

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