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Town Talk: Multi-story hotel project gaining steam at Ninth and N.H.; neighborhood debate beginning to take shape on Lowe's; Obama program may help build SLT interchange

LAN really speaking on behalf of Lawrence residents or their own benefit?

I think Lowes is better than Home Depot!

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KU proposes tuition increases for 2011-12 school year

Whatever the cost is now should remain for next few years???? WHAT? I wish that was the case. Will you please tell that to oil companies? I really would love to keep the cost of oil around what it was even year ago.

Do you really really think only the KU professors ask for big $$$ raise? They don't get paid as much as other professors in private funded institution. If we want to stay competitive and keep the high quality professors, we have to pay them competitive salaries. Quality professors = higher ranking = more students.

Did you honestly ask why we have to do all those constructions? Do you really want to go to school that looks like junk? What new students want to come to KU that looks like its 1970 and haven't been updated???

This is epic. You really need to educate yourself.

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Heard on the Hill: Husband of new KU business dean to teach at KU; planting event planned for new pharmacy garden; KU Professional Clothes Closet plans extended hours

This is very true. Least all of these people are qualified (almost over-qualified) to do the job.
This happens EVERYWHERE.

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KU chancellor announces plans on how to draw, keep students

KU cannot become more selective. Admission standards are set by board of regents.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas House budget committee approves proposal to cut state employees' pay by 7.5 percent

Do they know that most of KU/K-State employees work around 30000 if not less? How are we going to pay bills?

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Homeless shelter proposal wins permit approval

Welfare check! our tax $$$s my friend... They probably choose not to work since they make more money by taking Welfare check and food stamps. They buy better food than I do... I get store generic brand for everything, while they get to buy brand name goods at Walmart.

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Homeless shelter proposal wins permit approval

I am assuming most of city council people live either downtown or westside? Ofcourse they don't want shelter to be anywhere NEAR where they are. How are they going to transport people who has no $$$ to get to anywhere? Are tax $$s paying their transportation too?
What a worthless city officials.

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