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Hy-Vee to open environmentally friendly convenience store on Thursday

I hope they put MILLER MART out of business. Those people are rude and WAY OVERPRICED!


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Hy-Vee to open environmentally friendly convenience store on Thursday

Miller Mart is so overpriced it is ridiculous. I give them 3 more years tops before they fold up shop. My fellow lazy people on West 23rd will no longer have to settle for high prices.

Miller Mart, you're through.

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Motorcyclist and driver in North Lawrence fatality identified

Larry, it's people like you that would allow government to control what I drive. Motorcycles are dangerous - I'm pretty sure every motorcyclist is aware of the increased risk they are taking. Same can be said about tobacco use or consuming high-fructose corn syrup. Do you want to ban cigarettes and soda?

How about you let us all be adults and we'll make our own decisions with our bodies the way we choose. Life is dangerous and banning things won't solve change that fact.

My condolences to both families.

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KU releases names of staff members who accepted buyouts

Dr. Kelly, I was in your class Mammalian Physiology class. You were an excellent teacher and will be missed. I wish I could have taken more neurobiology with you.

Best of luck to you.

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Kansas University Medical Center professor censured for unprofessional behavior

I work in a pharmacy and you have no idea the problems that a language can cause when trying to serve non-English speakers. It's frustrating because all we want to do is give them the same service that everyone else deserves but are impeded by this language barrier. I fear that they are not able to make the same informed decisions about their own health that English speakers make because they don't understand everything we are saying.

This problem is compounded in hospitals because time is much more of the essence. When lives are at stake, this becomes a real issue.

I empathize for both sides, but especially Klaassen. This doesn't excuse any of his other behavior though.

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