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Amos Lawrence Park - a name and a vision for Lawrence

A business park with a focus on generating new technology opportunities for Lawrence and its citizens is a good thing. To imply that somehow growth itself is a root cause of crime is fallacy. Increased populations will create and increased statistical crime image, but by percentages that accurately reflect the changing populace it becomes apparent crime is no worse by the numbers and any connection to growth is generally identified as coincidental in nature and would have happened in spite of and not because of managed growth.

The communities that boast both quality of life and technological advantage over similar positioned areas like Lawrence recognize that change is a positive thing provided you remain focused on the outcomes and they continue to support the ideas that made it successful in the first place.

Growth does not however signal and end to the "values" that Kansan;s hold true to, or in particular Lawrence residents. It is our challenge to continue to be inclusive of new residents and help them to assimilate into the diverse nature of what is Lawrence and value the new cultures and the contributions that they bring.

I for one believe an open business park that incubates new business ideas and allows for a good balance to old and new will only enhance out advantages and delineate any negatives moving forward. A strong infrastructure will be required for its long term success and a city government that is responsive and also cooperative from inception to implementation along with an engaged populace willing to see this through will be the key to its success. Partnerships between City, Business and Residents will ensure that.

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Live IT broadcasts from San Francisco Design Center, September 9-11

wow. incredible. thank you so much for sharing.!

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Google VP gives away tablets to KU engineering students

What great Ideas!

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