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Parkinson wants Kansas congressional representatives to get behind renewable energy bill


Parkinson wants your utility bills to increase.

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Battle lines being drawn over how to cut state budget

The first lawsuit re: school funding was settled and dismissed after the legislature capitulated to the pressures of the Kansas Sup Ct. So, a second lawsuit would have to be filed at the district court level and make its way up to the Sup Ct. That could take years.

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Anti-tax group chapter gets new director

Merrill,Where did you take econ? KU? A group that lobbies for spending restraint and lower taxes is lobbying for economic growth. I love how some of you lefties think larger government equals economic growth. Can you give me an exmaple of where this is the case? If I recall, South Korea is doing a bit better than North Korea. And btw, when has AFP ever been against funding education? Get your facts straight.

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Two Kansas anti-tax groups merge

Yes, let's look at Colorado. Higher income growth, higher per capita income, higher population growth, higher job growth, lower poverty rates. Colorado has really suffered with tax and spending limits.

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Two Kansas anti-tax groups merge

Before you spout off autie, why don't you attend a local AFP meeting. Jim Mullins puts a lot of gatherings together. In less you can't handly having some of you fundamental beliefs challenged.

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State must make tough higher-ed choices

Aeronautical engineering should be at Wichita State, obviously, since they have all of the aviation companies right there, the National Institute for Aviation Research and a real wind tunnel.All health care should be split b/t WSU and KU. And I agree that most engineering should be at KSU. And we need to really evaluate PhD programs like Russian Literature and the history of bathroom tile.

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State urged to proceed with caution on road plan

"This is exactly what creates economic growth."How???? Shifting money from one pocket to another is NOT economic growth. Try econ 101.

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State urged to proceed with caution on road plan

Taking money from us and giving it to road contractors doesn't created economic growth.

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Pine, Holland facing off for 3rd District Senate seat

Go Patrick!

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Jordan ad cites story unrelated to election

this is news?

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