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Should the 70 mph speed limit along Kansas Highway 10 be lower?

Hey 4armadillos, Kansas isn't the only place you'll find bone-headed drivers. They're everywhere! But you make a good point. It's not the duty of other drivers to slow people down when they think they're going too fast. Just stay in the right lane unless you need to pass and it will solve a LOT of problems. And blinkers.......blinkers? Driver's ed was a long time ago, and as long as you keep your DL active you don't need to take any more stupid old tests!!!

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Should the 70 mph speed limit along Kansas Highway 10 be lower?

The point is that it's not a "moving" violation unless you exceed the speed limit by more than 10 mph. So, at 70, if you're going 81 you can get a ticket that will go on your record. If the limit is 75, unless you exceed 85 you probably won't even be stopped.

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Crews dispatched to accident on K-10 westbound

I always drive on the wrong side of the road! I thought that was the side you're supposed to drive on.

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Survey shows Lawrence crime rate higher than average in several categories

I blame it on public smoking ban!

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Kobach says statement about Obama ‘just a joke’

All you liberal Democrats: Why do you continue trying to use reason and common sense to argue with all these Fox News parrots? The SPLC is a "hate group"? Obama "faked" his birth certificate? These people hear something once by a right-wingnut entertainer or blogger, and from that point on it's proven fact. It's no use beating your heads against the wall trying to explain things to them. Their minds have been made up and are now closed. As the saying goes: You can't fix stupid. And "stupid" has been listening to "ignorant."

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Police identify body found beneath Kansas River bridge; foul play not suspected

It's not just Lawrence that attracts people looking for handouts. The state of Kansas in general is known by many to provide more for less. I work at a facility that attracts the homeless and mentally ill, and we seem to get people from all over the midwest. And I've been told we provide them a lot more than say, Oklahoma or Texas. There has to be a fine line between compassion and help for the ones who truly can't do better, and a harder line for the ones who simply choose not to. Often it's not that hard to tell the difference.

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Will KU football go 8-0?

I hope you're right, oldvet, but I don't know. They have a lot of talent in their running game.
I certainly agree with you on their band, though. I was at that game several years ago, and they put on a killer show, getting the biggest applause from the hometown crowd I've ever heard for anything non-Jayhawk. Impressive!

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