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Mother Earth News Fair expected to draw 10,000 to downtown Lawrence

Lawrence needs a convention center near downtown to host these types of events.

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City to consider banning couches on porches

Go ahead and pass this ordinance because it will not matter, the fire department is the worst when it comes to enforcing ordinances. They just expect other departments at the city to do their work. They pushed through the smoking ban, but I can name many bars were people still smoke indoors. They pushed through the ban on grills on decks, but don't enforce it. They pushed through the fireworks ban but don't enforce it. What makes anyone think they will follow through on this one?

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Menards files plans to add another 8 acres to development near 31st and Iowa

Hello Dick's Sporting Goods, goodbye Francis and Sunflower Bike Shop.

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City provides more details on rental registration program

This will be enforced fairly and accurately for landlords and tenants alike... Just look at the nuisance house ordinance, the noise ordinance, the fireworks ordinance, the no couches on porches ordinance, the no grills on porches ordinance, etc...

If we just use the laws on our books, we could solve all the problems this new rental inspection to trying to address.

And if you think this program is going to pay for itself, I have a New Rec Center I will sell you....

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City provides more details on rental registration program


There are bad apples in every barrell, but that doesn't mean you need to throw out the entire barrell. The city already has a process for tenants to get inspections. And according to 10 of your 8000 words above, the city did little when called. What makes you think they will do a better job now?

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City provides more details on rental registration program

With the "full inspection" list above, it will take over an hour to do one rental property. This program will come nowhere close to paying for itself, nor will the city be able to come even close to checking everything they want to each year without at least doubling the number of inspectors originally proposed. And that is not including re-inspections that will have to be done on many properties, or paperwork/actions against uncooperative landlords.

The inspection list above is about the same as what a home inspector does before a bank gives a load. And they charge over $500 for a reason.

Look how much time it is still taking to get the Packard house issues solved (one house).

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City provides more details on rental registration program

I would be willing to bet over 25% of the houses owner occupied in Lawrence wouldn't pass those tests, and most of the owner occupied are the newer houses (most rentals are older).

Not meeting egress standards, improper ceiling heights, structural deficiences, and improper fire escapes are not easy or cheap fixes. And before someone says those are needed, many houses have egress windows and fire escapes but they aren't up to current code.

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City provides more details on rental registration program

Wow, that is not a Registration Program, that is requiring all properties to meet current city codes, regardless of when the property was build. "Grandfathered" properties will be a thing of the past.

What is going to happen when the city walks in a property and a water bong is sitting on coffee table? Look the other way or call the police? And if they don't call the police, if a fire is caused by smoking and the city did nothing, are they liable?

Big Brother is always watching, and why not make our local government bigger.

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City to begin searching for sites for potential multimillion dollar police headquarters

Let's see... $1.5 Million for 10 to 12 acres (plus architectural fees) in the middle of the city...

Did they legalize marijuana in Lawrence recently?

The lot the Marriott is being built on downtown was purchased for around $650,000 and that is about a half acre. With $1.5 million, they will be lucky to find 3 acres in the middle of the city and that doesn't include architectural fees. Join the 2000's Corliss. Anyone smell some more back door REC center type dealings coming?

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Baker Wetlands manager dismantles boardwalk he built as a boy scout

Except those were "created" wetlands. In the 70's that was corn fields.

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