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Kansas officials await ruling on Arizona immigration law

They argue that SB 1070 makes citizens less safe. By turning local police into immigration agents and inviting racial profiling, the law undermines the necessary trust in communities that police must have to carry out their duties, the former attorneys general say.
Illegal aliens are not a race and it worries me a great deal that these people don't know that. That aside.. the illegal aliens are a major crime in action as they continue to deny jobs to the American Citizens. If race .is. involved in this mess, it becomes a racial crime to deny the American Citizens jobs. In addition to all of that, Obama said he would not enforce the Immigration Law in the interior of the United States. 80 miles north of the border and we are on our own. If the local police cannot enforce the immigration law, and protect the local citizens, no one will.

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Hispanic leaders say 'tide is turning' on anti-immigration legislation

Murguía, a Kansas native and former executive vice chancellor for university relations at Kansas University, said several other states, including Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Virginia and Wyoming, have also recently rejected what she called extreme anti-immigrant, anti-Latino legislation.
It is sad that a woman who may have a significant level of education doesn't understand the issue has nothing to do with American Latino's. The issues deal with illegal aliens, and in spite of this woman's words, illegal aliens is NOT a race, and NOT directed at any American. What she has done is make yet another false accusation and while until recently, this country did not object to Hispanics at all.. enjoyed them, and enjoyed elements of their culture, the constant accusations by people like Murguia are turning another sort of tide that leads people to believe the Latinos are violent and bent to no good.

We have issues with illegal aliens and this site is documented, and excellent!
We have serious issues with costs.
City of Los Angeles welfare
Staggering Cost Of Illegal
Aliens In America

These are the cumulative issues.
Amnesty will cost a bundle and one estimate suggests 2.3 trillion dollars. That is not acceptable.

Lets enforce the law and deport the illegal aliens.

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