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Letter: Distracting issues

Vae victis? The only woe here is the vanquishing of the state's reserves and transportation money via planned deficits.

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Anti-abortion legislator has ultrasounds performed in her Senate committee

KHP blocked pro-choice advocates from using rubber tires as props outside the capitol:

KHP blocked pro-gay advocates from carrying flags outside the capitol:

But pro-life advocates can set up a sonogram station inside the capitol.

How is that not free speech viewpoint discrimination prohibited by First Amendment?

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More than $30 million in public projects push local construction industry to banner year in 2013; Mass. Street gets recognized by Country Living magazine

@Chad: I think you mean the "Bioscience & Technology Business Center" (BTBC), not the "Bioscience and Technology Incubator."

It might be intended as an incubator, but it seems like not a lot of incubation is going on there these days. Last I checked they had only a few true startups among the tenants. A real shame.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I'm neutral on the policy change, but I hate the Facebook requirement. LJW, have you thought about limiting access to visitors running Internet Explorer on Windows on a Dell? I hear it's easy and practical to implement a website that way from the developer's standpoint. /end sarcasm

BTW, other commenters are right: the Internet routes around censorship. This will just spawn an even less civil forum somewhere else.

(Commenting under my real name since 2007.)

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

In 2011, I wrote to KU Engineering about Prof. Carl Burkhead's bigoted editorials attacking gays. KU OGC brushed it off citing the applicability of the First Amendment to KU as a government actor (probably correct legal analysis). OGC letter at following link:

Now instead of offending libs, a professor says something that offends conservatives. And the KU administration suddenly feels like suspending a professor. Hypocrisy much? Apparently academic freedom at KU means do what you want so long as you don't tick off Kansas's Tea Party.

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WOW to begin work later this month on upgrade to boost Internet speeds in city

Over the last month or so, WOW dropped the bandwidth caps Sunflower/Knology used to have.

Wish we had more detail than "we're installing a bigger pipe."

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Objection Board rejects challenge by gay rights group that sought to remove legislator from ballot

@Gotland: By your logic, anti-miscegenation laws aren't discriminatory because blacks and whites are equally prohibited from marrying outside their race. That line of argument was considered and rejected decades ago in Loving v. Virginia.

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Gay marriage a distant dream around the world

@BringBackMark says "if a bull could not perform with the heifers and cows, you didn't go find another bull for him. Instead you ground him up in hamburger and considered that a bad investment."

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a gay person reading a neighbor's comment that gay people are worthy of death? Because that's pretty much what you just did. Attitudes like yours are why nondiscrimination laws are needed.

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Deciding issue?

LJW writes "Aren’t there far more serious issues facing this country, such as the runaway national debt, unemployment and underemployment, immigration, national security, dangerous trouble spots around the globe and this nation’s economy?"

@LJW: Yes, there are a lot of Serious Issues facing this country. But who is the JW to trivilaize discrimination against a minority population? Imagine a newspaper editorial in the 1960s bemoaning the "fuss" over African Americans' civil rights compared to the other important issues of the time. What some don't understand is that for many minorities, getting equal treatment is a prerequisite to tackling the other issues that the majority take for granted as being the only things on the agenda.

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