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Lawrence school board appoints Melissa Johnson to fill vacant seat

Johnson has 10+ years in ties to the district, has kids currently in the district's schools, has a degree in education, is currently employed as a teacher, and has been attending board meetings as a concerned citizen/parent. But of course, the first commenter suggests she got the job because she's black, not on merit. A white man with these qualities would not face this questioning.

Bonus idea: Experience with diversity and inclusion issues is in itself a form of job qualification.

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Letter to the editor: Yard concerns

So to recap, the city offers its residents weekly curbside pickup of trash, single-stream recycling (including all plastic types and glass), and yard waste composting (given back to the public essentially free) through a public program in a way that uses automation/robotic arms to increase efficiency and treat city employees fairly, and they're planning ahead for growth/workload balancing. Have you visited many small Kansas towns lately? Sounds like we're a rich town with a competent public works staff. Good grief. Some people have no perspective.

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Austrian convicted of hate speech relating to Muslims to address Douglas County GOP; demonstration planned

@Randolf Fellows said, "political correctness drove many hateful people underground and away from discourse that might have changed their minds."

I'm not sure I follow the logic that a climate where hate speech is more accepted will make those who say such hate speech more likely to abandon it. But I can be dense sometimes.

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California travel ban on Kansas affecting KU basketball; LGBT rights group seeks repeal of 'religious freedom' law

@Thomas Bradley: Your comments that gays caused AIDS and about gay anal sex are great examples of the need for nondiscrimination laws that include LGBT people. You're prejudiced. Educate yourself.

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Campus-carry repeal bill fails to advance out of Senate committee

An unscheduled early vote. A voice vote without roll call. A committee hearing with no transcript or recording of what was actually said. Legislators who won't say how they voted. Sounds like textbook Kansas legislature to me. I'm sure a bunch of these folks talk about draining the swamp in DC though.

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New FM radio station set to launch in Lawrence next week

I wish GPM would broadcast in digital HD Radio. I remember asking one of their salespeople one time if they had any plans to do so in the near future. He said, "oh yes, you can stream the stations on the web." Palm to face...

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A conversation with the community's new economic development leader

Two business recruiting goals I'd love this town to focus on:

1. A food co-packer. We have lots of talented food creators here capable of generating new concepts. We do not have a lot of local options for them to scale up small-kitchen recipes, package, and distribute at larger scales outside Lawrence.

2. A data center. We have huge IT brain drain to Kansas City. A steady pay check for techies so they could stay in town would be huge for local tech innovation.

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Editorial: Noise is not progress

@Bob: I posted a serious article from an anti-racism scholar. In only two posts, you've managed to frame that as disrespecting MLK, sounding like David Duke, and akin to racial purity breeding. How is that not trolling?

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Editorial: Noise is not progress

@Bob: Can one successfully call for decorum and respect while simultaneously using language like "absolute nonsense," "civilized culture," and "race hustle?" I've offered a scholarly, highly-cited, on-point article. You don't have to agree with it. But that doesn't make sharing it irrational or offensive to Dr. King's memory.

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Editorial: Noise is not progress

@Brandon: The article is about how white culture reacts when confronted with racial issues. The TLDR summary is, "not well." To me, this editorial is an example that supports the article's theories.

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