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Town Talk: UPDATE: Old Navy confirms it will close Lawrence store; city says pothole numbers way down; $900,000 project to add turn lane at Sixth and Iowa

Why do they always forget about some of the street in East Lawrence such as New Jersey street from ten hundred block to the thirteen hundred block where the street seriously needs to be fixed. I sit out on my front porch and watch these cars drive down New Jersey street and thinking one of these times that a wheel is going to fly off one of these vehicle. PLEASE DONT FORGET ABOUT THIS STREET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Will you shoot off fireworks for the Fourth of July?

I serious agree with you about that. I mean last night I must hear someone shooting off some fireworks in my neighbor but decided not to contact the police?

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Flooding closes roads, bridges near Missouri River

Yeah, I was up in Leavenworth today and the river is risen but not near the riverfront center yet but it has closed down 2nd street by the animal shelter and sewage plant.

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Lawrence's Perkins restaurant to remain open, even though parent company has filed for bankruptcy

why don't they bring either Golden Corral or Western Sizzler to the Lawrence area? I have went to bother places and think that Lawrence resident would like that instead of either Perkins or IHOP?

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Kansas River now below flood stage

thanks for the info. I know that the Missouri river will crest like it did in 93' but worse as people are saying.

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Town Talk: A look into the world of city fees; event would make Mass. Street parking free for a day; Bob Billings Parkway set for major construction

come on city, how about doing some road work on new jersey street. I feel one of these times someone will drive down new jersey street especially 1200 block of new jersey street and will either lose a tire or a muffler. Please do something about this street for once. I have seen street project all around but nothing really done with this street. Have some pride and fix the street please.

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Opponents to South Lawrence Trafficway file appeal with U.S. Court of Appeals

The fight is over and they will build the second leg of south west traffic way. People of douglas county are tired of all the stops that the earth people are doing. You had your time in court and lost so get over it and enjoy the new ride. On other matter, what is the deal with people coming off 23rd street to Louisiana to get to Kentucky street to 6th street around 5pm? I think that when they get done with the traffic way that they should continue around to 24/40 highway. Just like I-435 which goes all around Kansas City.

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Two dead, three with serious injuries after accident on Kansas Highway 10 near Eudora

I think that Douglas county resident and Johnson county resident should send a message to the dot to raise a red flag about the dangerous stretch of K-10 where a strong cable line should be placed. My thoughts and prayers goes out to the family. When is dot going to install the cable line so that there will be no more dead on highways?

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Lawrence school board agrees to order new bleachers for Free State, Lawrence high schools

I believe that the schools should do away with the bleachers and focus more on the education at hand or have a private donation come?

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Town Talk: Ninth and N.H. incentives not forgotten; Treanor still working on new downtown offices; $360,000 for library art?

I can understand the project that is going on at 9th and N.H but I really don't think that we need a high price art piece in the downtown area. One, it would be damage and second, I can see the funds going towards some else. Leave it up to the hippies to come up with an idea like that.

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