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Lawrence commission split on idea of paving way for food trucks

creating or sustaining barriers to entry in the business world through government regulation is not a good economic model. trying to prevent creative destruction at the small dynamic end of the economy is bad in the end. the commission should unleash the food trucks, not stifle them.

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Lawrence man electrocuted while working on Turnhalle building

he was vice-president of the company doing the work. he was the employer.

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Lawrence man electrocuted while working on Turnhalle building

sorry...the dead guy had the responsibility in this case to provide himself with a safe work environment. it's a sad day for his family, but it's nobody else's fault.

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KDOT bracing for possible federal cutbacks

You should go back to whatever country your family came from. It would raise the IQ average of the U.S. and your country.

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Saturday Column: Declining Iraq situation reflects poorly on Obama

If this was turned in as a ninth grade English assignment, it might garner a D- from a kind teacher.

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Bounce back: Selden shows off healthy hops in KU camp game

robert...every day a sour critical comment...chill, brah...have a cup of coffee, say something nice about these kids that play a game.

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Northwestern Kansas battery charge dropped under Stand Your Ground law

don't go onto someone else's property and threaten polite or send a text message...there is no longer a duty to retreat.

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Kansas Senate advances bill voiding local gun rules

howl at the feds about chicken rules...
howl at local govt about gun rules.
obviously topeka rules.
the april fools.

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Nightclub inside The Oread hotel faces state investigation related to free alcohol; city concerned about conduct at The Cave

good idea. bring some banjos and have a sing along. serious. flash mob the place with sanity.

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Arch sadness: KU's season ends in St. Louis, in round of 32

be nice, guys...we'll be in the mix again next year...and occasionally win it.

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