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Brownback strikes back at Justice Department probe into waiting list for services for physically disabled

Doesn't matter who's fault it is that there is a waiting list, fact is- It's still an issue... Take care of the problem, get the folks that are on these waiting lists for assistance the help that the LAW says they are entitled to. Then get the folks that are bilking the system off the payroll! Solution is pretty simple to me Sammy!

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County forming panel to study towing prices

It's about time! No need for any study or a panel - this only leaves the dishonest tow companies more time to charge these outrageous prices. Be part of the solution not the problem.

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Body of 39-year-old Topeka businessman found west of Lecompton

Come on Folks! Cap Journ already has the victim ID'd.

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Brownback says state is returning to feds $31.5 million health care reform grant

Wonder what Sebelius is thinking right about now?

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Lowe's brings City Hall new plans for store in Lawrence

YAY! Finally, I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Rezone it already. Based on the number of existing empty apartments, we need more? The SLT location doesn't serve the incoming business very well as a retail locale. The plans/zoning for the area near the SLT were made years ago when all thought that this stretch of highway might somehow be completed and the expanding city would line both sides of this highway in all directions. Hasn't happened yet. If we as a community are not allowed to change and adapt some of the plans made by 'tunnelvisioned' folks from years past we will continue to miss opportunities to grow. Lowes = jobs! I say go for it!

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Public Incentives Review Committee to assess Olive Garden retail tax break option

To the folks from Olive Garden, I have long awaited your arrival. Hope you decide to build where there has been an unattractive retail corner for years - super location. However, if the other restaurants were not given the incentives that you requested, you shouldn't either. I think you will be profitable as are the other eateries on South Iowa. Maybe the wait for a table won't be as long with another place to dine. And to the people of Lowes...I am still waiting...

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Baldwin City man claims he had no intent to harm bicyclist

How about let's all be responsible?! What a concept! I don't defend the driver's actions...Bad driver! There are plenty of us 'bike conscious' drivers out there. I have, however, had a bike rider not stop at a signal, stop sign, etc. I have also had them not yield and pull right out in front of me. Not all, but a few, bike riders need to be 'car conscious' and follow the rules of the road too. Don't even get me started on the Pedestrians who choose to walk across the middle of the street while there are crosswalks provided. Let's all 'try' and follow the rules. How about it?

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Three killed in violent car accident near intersection of Leavenworth County Road 1, Kansas Highway 32

I agree that this is a dangerous stretch of road and that the speed limit should be reduced. Bad part about this is, it still may not be enforced. I travel a stretch of County road daily that had the speed reduced to 45 mph. Just about every person that drives up behind me- passes me because I am acknowledging and following the posted speed limit. People! The speed limits are posted for the safety of ALL that travel the road not just those that will slow down. Two people needlessly lost their lives because someone decided that he was in too much of a hurry, incidently he lost his life as well. So, do the right thing...those 2 lane County roads are very dangerous to pass on. Do so with caution and only if necessary(meaning VERY slow moving vehicle in front of you)

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Lawrence city commission rejects Lowe’s proposal

Wow...very disappointed. That's all.

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