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Kansas House, District 10: Erica Anderson vs. John Wilson

John Wilson is NOT wed to the Brownback agenda. That's refreshing! We could use some real thinking in Topeka.

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Douglas County Commission, District 2: Thellman vs. Male

Nancy has done a great job for us and will continue to do so. She has really earned our support.

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Sound Off: How many chancellors has Kansas University had?

Q: How many KU chancellors have been Methodist ministers?
A: James Marvin and Joshua A. Lippincott. There may be more.

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Democrat announces campaign for 2nd Congressional District

Typical right-wing response: If you don't like the message, attack the messenger.

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2,100 jobs lost as Boeing announces plan to shut down operations in Wichita by 2013

Net profit for Boeing for 2010 exceeded $3.3 billion. Executive compensation for the Boeing CEO exceeds $20 million annually. They have had net profit of more than $1 billion annually in all but one of the last 10 years. Perhaps they just need more tax breaks, and then the job creation would be astounding.

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Census data tells us about ourselves

I believe in the census process and have already submitted the form for our household. However, this census form is a big disappointment in the following ways.
Q5. Last Name, First Name, MI
Years from now when genealogists try to find me they'll find it difficult because I go by middle name and with this form I'm prevented from giving my full name. What a shame and frustration! Many have more than 3 names, but cannot give them all.
Q7. Age on April 1, 2010; Month, Day, Year of birth
Since age can be easily computed from date of birth, it is unnecessary to ask for age.
Q9 What is the Person's race?
There is really only one race and that's the human race. The choices for responses are:
White, Black (African American or Negro), American Indian, Japanese, Native Hawaiian, Chinese, Korean, Guamarian (or Camorro), Filipino, Vietnamese, Samoan, Other Asian, Other Pacific Islander, or Some other race. These choices are for the most part not even races in the traditional, but archaic sense. They are ethnic groupings. A better question is "What is your country of birth?", which has been asked by many past censuses.

Important things that were not asked:
Q. What is your highest level of education?
How else can we tell if we are getting more educated over time or not?
Q. What is your employment status?
Seems like that would be helpful in determining overall employment needs or number of retirees in the country.
Q. What is your first language?

Most of the examples at the end of the article are from data that cannot be ascertained from this 10 question census form.

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Santa’s arrival

Did Clement C. Moore really write "A Visit from St. Nicholas" commonly known as "Twas the Night Before Christmas"? It was first published anonymously and Moore only claimed credit in 1844, more than 20 years after its publication. Many literary scholars believe it was written by Henry Livingston long before its publication in 1823. One scholar writes: "Livingston, who wrote poetry for his family and did not have much of it published, was fancy free, humorous, witty, and well-intended, or about the exact opposite of Moore, who was a professor of Oriental and Greek literature and a Bible scholar." Perhaps we should praise the writing rather than the supposed author, who may have indeed been a fraud.

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Good editorial! Yes, the House voted 240 to 179 to reprimand Joe Wilson. However, only 7 Republicans voted in favor of reprimand, despite the fact that it was a breach of House rules. Of the Kansas contingent all 3 Republicans voted against reprimand and only the lone Democrat stood up for civility. Kudos to Dennis Moore.
Furthermore, Wilson was WRONG. He should at least apologize to the House for being wrong.

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KU retirees call elimination of free-ticket program a 'breach of faith' by university

Many KU faculty/staff helped fund the building of the Lied Center. Some of us are now retirees. Complimentary Lied tickets were part of the benefits package given to us at retirement for decades of dedicated service to the university (in my case for 23 years). Contributors to the building fund for the Lied were given priority seating as a benefit offered in the solicitation. That's why some retirees have prime seating (indluding me).

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