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Wesley gets chance to play Wilt

If you would like to back the film, the "Jayhawkers" Kickstarter page can be found here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/g...

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Net Worth: Four chords are all you need for radio or Internet fame

Oops. You guys are right about the chord being wrong. It is C G A F. (That's what I get for writing the article without an instrument in hand.) I'll correct the text.

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Net Worth: Four chords are all you need for radio or Internet fame

It is most definitely a B-flat, whether it's minor or major. But thanks for the comment. The video is a scream.

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Small-screen ‘Idol’ renders big-screen songs

Yes "avoice," you're clearly a much better writer than I am. Maybe you should quit your bathroom cleaning gig and try it giving it whirl professionally.

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Small-screen ‘Idol’ renders big-screen songs

Oops. Sorry about the "sang." I wrote and rewrote that sentence in the wee hours without a copy editor in sight.

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'American Idol': The fix is on

They will likely go to the second-wackiest contestant. In this rather safe field, that probably best applies to Crystal.

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Elvis, Adam and desperation collide on ‘American Idol’

AlfVenison: Fixed. Thank you.

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Billboard number ones butchered by 'Idol' cast

"Misattribution"? I wouldn't quite say that. If that's the truly the case, you probably would have pointed out that "You're No Good" was written by Clint Ballard Jr. -- not Linda Ronstadt. But I'm guessing you probably didn't know that. As for being sensitive, I'm quite the opposite. I'm virtually desensitized to the brain-dead postings of the know-it-all curmudgeons who squat on our site. But occasionally -- maybe once every 50 articles I write -- I'll actually wade into the commentary. Why today? No reason. You're no more or less annoying than most of the posters. Just equally as irrelevant and forgettable.

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Billboard number ones butchered by 'Idol' cast

AlfVenison: You act is if you're revealing some new piece of information that "Me and Bobby McGee" is a Kristofferson song. Duh. If you had seen the program, you would know that the only reference to the song Bowersox has is Janis Joplin. She's a virtual carbon copy of the late singer. Just another typical, condescending J-W posting. Same as the typical, condescending "looks like another slow news day." Wow, can you regurgitate a more cliche comment? Culture Crumbs is a pop-culture blog that often delves into reality TV. I've written more than 1,200 "real news" stories for the paper. Believe me, I know the difference. How many have you gotten paid to write? And, while we're on it, any time you want to compare professional music resumes with me, I'll be happy to oblige. You're nothing but an ant at my picnic, brother. Typical, typical, typical.

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