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The best returning RBs in the Big 12, according to Adjusted POE

Good catch. He's sixth. It looks like one of his games was accidentally taken out from his season statistics to make it appear he was listed twice.

I fixed the graph above. Thanks for reading.


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Transfer could bring spark to KU basketball

Good catch. I had the wording was wrong above. It's been fixed.

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Running it 60 percent of the time might not be bad for Turner Gill and KU

zstoltenberg — Nebraska athletics has trademarked "NU."


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FINAL: Marcus Morris scores career high in Jayhawks' 90-74 victory over Lehigh

Collins was injured for six games. KU still counts those as "wins" for him.

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FINAL: Fired-up KU takes down A&M, 79-66

Sorry about that, guys. Big mistake on my part. I was trying to get in all the off-the-court action and made a big typo with the score. Everything should be fixed now.

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FINAL: Fired-up KU takes down A&M, 79-66

overthemoon — Our KU site, KUsports.com, has all that information before each game.

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Free throws didn't cost Kansas the 2003 NCAA championship: A convincing argument

scruggsy, disposable — I'm just going to play devil's advocate here. If KU would have hit its season average on free throws, it would have made 19 of 30. In a basic way, that's seven more points.

But Chris makes a good point. If KU had made some of those free throws, it also would have lost points because it wouldn't have gotten the offensive rebound and scored on some of those possessions.

Let's say the Jayhawks make the free throws on the three misses I showed in the videos above, plus makes four other free throws to give them their season average of 19-for-30. Yes, KU would have gained seven points, but it also would have lost six points (the three baskets scored on offensive rebounds). Essentially, the Jayhawks would have only netted one extra point. They still would have lost the title game.

What Chris is saying is you can't talk about one aspect of the title game (missed free throws) without at least consider something directly related to it (points gained off missed free throw offensive rebounds). We shouldn't overlook the second part if we are going to make a big deal about the first part.

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10 teams that can win it all: No. 4, Kentucky

lindsey — KenPom has the Big Ten ranked fourth out of all the conferences. I wouldn't consider that too high ...


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Tyshawn Taylor will make return to starting lineup

Keith — Sorry about the subhead. It was incorrect. It accidentally got pasted from a different story.

Again, sorry for the confusion.

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