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HoopTube: New video technology boon to KU men's basketball

Hey Jayhawks64 — Yes, Synergy hires people to log each game. Therefore, a lot is open to interpretation on whether something is a "pick and roll" or a "cut," but the data still gives a general feel and, more importantly, is indexed so teams can watch the video to judge for themselves what a player is best at.

There'll be more mention of this in Sunday's story, but someday the technology might be there for a computer program to code these plays itself, which would make the video available even quicker and (perhaps) be even more accurate than it being logged by hand.

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Free State girls capture 6A state track title; Harmon-Thomas adds two more

I asked KSHSAA, and the Eagle is correct. The wind was blowing at 4.3 meters per second for the 100-meter hurdle race, and the most allowed according to the NFHS guideline (which is what KSHSAA follows) is 2.0 meters per second. Therefore, the record will not count as a KSHSAA State Track and Field Meet Record.

Harmon-Thomas' time in the 300 hurdles, however, was not wind-aided, so she will go in the KSHSAA record books for that event.

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Free State girls capture 6A state track title; Harmon-Thomas adds two more

Thanks. I only listed the Saturday team scorers above. Sanner's finish in the 3200 is covered in the previous day's story here:

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Sound Off: No. 1 victory

You are correct. Should be fixed above.

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FSHS tennis plays at Junction City

Sorry about that. It should be fixed above now.

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Lions baseball tops SMNW, 7-0

Sorry about that. Should be fixed above now.

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KU track sets school records

You are correct. It should be updated above.

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Family man: KU’s Travis Releford relishes fatherhood

For some reason, when stories are posted on and, the comments from both sides are getting added to the comments total on the LJWorld side. Not sure why that is, but I can tell you that 100-plus comments haven't been removed. That would be quite a mess ...

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Keegan honored as Kansas sportswriter of the year

There are 19 comments on the version of the story. Is that what you mean?

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Jayhawks refreshed and ready to open NCAA volleyball tourney at home

CWGOKU is correct. No TV, but it will be streamed for free online at

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