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US ambassador killed in consulate attack in Libya

This story was published on page 7A of today's print version of the Journal World, page 8A of the NY Times and page 7A of the Wall Street Journal. All 3 entities seem to have missed the ball on the importance of the killing of a US ambassador.

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Colorado shooting suspect wrote of 'unquenchable curiosity,' experiences working with underprivileged children in KU application

Does the university include a caveat that the applications of students not accepted to the university are deemed to be public documents?

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Funding problem could eliminate Amtrak's Southwest Chief from 3 Kansas cities

Topeka and Lawrence are also not on the main transcontinental line of the BNSF railroad. They could next be on the chopping block.

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Town Talk: Plans filed for $5M apartment complex near Sixth and Wakarusa Wal-Mart; Dillons on Mass. seeks to park cars on grassy lot for another two weeks; The Merc buys its building at 9th and Iowa

Will the Merc building still be on the tax rolls? Is the Merc a non-profit entity with tax exemption status?

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Election integrity

News21-- 500 journalism students working to reshape journalism.

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Town Talk: City ready to spend $885,000 on new trash carts, set rates for new trash service; weekly land transfers

$43 dollars per cart purchase price, how much will the city charge for rent of the cart per month?

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Commission may approve 2013 budget this week

Lawrence City Budget was $101 million in 2002.
Budget for 2013 $174 million.
How does that compare with the rate of inflation and with the change in population of Lawrence over that period? Have the taxpayers' wages and property values kept up with the increases in spending?

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Library looking to move to Borders

Was there a competitive bidding process to provide the space?

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Library looking to move to Borders

Who are they?

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