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Sales tax collections on the rise in early part of 2015; city sharpening pencil to build $50 million sewer plant on budget

looks like the financing was done on Tuesday 7th. Quote below from the offering document

The Series 2015 Bonds are being issued for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, reconstructing, improving, extending or enlarging the System, more specifically described as follows (the “Projects”):
1. Kaw Water Treatment Plant supply improvements
2. Oread Storage and Booster Pump Station rehabilitation and/or replacement
3. Water Tower Maintenance and Booster Pump Station improvements
4. Kaw Water Transmission Main
5. Waterline assessment, relocation, rehabilitation and replacement
6. Kaw Water Treatment Plant structural, mechanical, electrical and process improvements
7. Wakarusa Wastewater Treatment Plant, Influent Pump Station and Force Mains
8. Kaw Wastewater Treatment Plan co-generation and backup power improvements
9. Rapid inflow/infiltration reduction program
10. Sanitary sewer assessment, relocation, rehabilitation, replacement, cured-in-place pipe, manholes and
relief sewers
11. Pump Station and Force Main improvements
12. Nineteenth and Kasold Pump Station
13. Clinton Intake
14. Water Plant capital repairs
15. Taste and Odor/Clinton Process Improvements
The total estimated costs of the Projects are $88,129,300. A portion of the Projects were previously financed with
the City’s General Obligation Temporary Notes, Series 2014-I (the “Series 2014-I Notes”). The Series 2014-I Notes will be
redeemed at their maturity on May 1, 2015 with a portion of the proceeds of the Series 2015 Bonds.

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Editorial: Bus snafu

If school was closed February 6th (which it was) it should have been closed March 3rd. The weather conditions were essentially the same. It seems to me that it would have been very easy, at least for the middle schools and high schools, to swap the scheduled day off today (3/7) for Monday (3/3).

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Frigid temperatures delay school buses, leaving some students in the cold

Which begs the question if schools were closed February 6 why were they not closed March 3. I suspect that something else is really guiding the decision making process rather than student safety.

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Sound Off: Debt per student

I take it the $55,555,000 figure came from

That does not square with what is in their audited financial reports
USD 497 FY 2012 Audited Financials Note 4 Page 9
General Obligations Bonds Balance
6/30/11 $73,475,000
6/30/12 $64,695,000

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Kansas Democratic leaders propose 'Buy American' law

Maybe they could also stipulate Buy American for the fuel that is consumed in governmental vehicles?

These proposals always sound like great "rah rah" American type things but their practical implementation leads to one thing: higher costs. So wealth is transferred from the great many of taxpayers to the selected few that want to provide a product at a non-competitive price but get the sale nonetheless because of favorable legislation.

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Statehouse Live: Student performance drops amid budget cuts

Total Expenditures per Pupil
'01-'02 $8,701
'10-'11 $11,089 (+$2,388 or +27.5%)

CPI over same period +23.0%

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Trash carts coming October 15

"City officials note the 65-gallon cart won’t take up much more space than a 35-gallon cart."

Good for the city and LJ World to get the actual sizes into the article, but I think the above quote understates the size difference between the 65gal and 35gal containers.

65 gallon has a 5.2 sqft footprint whereas the 35 gallon has a 3.2 sqft footprint which is driven by the 65 gallon bin being about 6.5 inches wider and 5.2 inches deeper.

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City leaders get clearer picture of rec center


Don't know if it is a reporter error or that we have an interim director that doesn't know anything about what he is in charge of.

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Capitol Briefing: Removal of food sales tax debated

You need to add property taxes to round out your comparison. I'm guessing that is where you will find a meaningful difference.

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