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Fix-It Chick: Consider installing solar panels on your home

Exactly what these companies are counting on "I still save money" and "loan was interest free" and what Ray is trying to point out.

Is it really interest free if they mark up the price to offset the loss of loan interest?

Is saving $60 (per month) the best outcome?

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S&P drops Kansas credit rating, citing ongoing budget issues

The Illinois House and Senate, the New Jersey House and Senate, and the Kentucky House all have Democratic majorities. I wish LJW had an ignore feature.

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'Pocket parks,' hardcourts, ziplines: Lawrence residents offer ideas on Parks and Recreation priorities

While personally I would very much like a hockey rink in Lawrence, it would turn out to be a huge money pit. Pepsi Ice Midwest, a two sheet rink built at 135th on Quivira in Overland Park in 2001 did not make it financially and we have a much smaller population base.

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City manager refuses to make decision on $1 million police over-hire, sends it to City Commission

Perhaps especially so since the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in Hutch is a unit of the University of Kansas Professional and Continuing Education?

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Janitors, bus drivers and a potentially expensive wage discussion that is brewing at Lawrence City Hall

"If extra cleaning is needed, the city has to pay extra." (Regarding contract custodian)

So for a city employed custodian, they would not be paid for overtime?

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Janitors, bus drivers and a potentially expensive wage discussion that is brewing at Lawrence City Hall

Thank you Sir! You beat me too it. There would be a great many unintended consequences in going down this path.

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Documents reveal 'appalling' overtime at Kansas state mental hospital

Ohhh the hubris of locating state facilities somewhere it is difficult to source the talent necessary to run them.

Larned, KS...120 miles to Wichita...Population of little over 4,000 with a 20% decline since 1980.

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School board prepares for $47.5 million bond sale

Would love to see the school board do these bond offerings as a competitive sale rather than a negotiated deal with a bank. Given the strong Moody's rating (third highest Aa2, Aaa and Aa1 are higher) and that the school district has been in the debt market many times before, they would attract many bidders and probably lower their cost of borrowing.

The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) has a multifactor decision matrix that would steer this transaction to be competitive.

For a additional 1-2 page reading on the topic see

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Bioscience Authority not fully severing ties to state, officials now say

Looks like someone got a nice payout to leave? Kind of disgusting to offer silver parachutes to public employees whose primary skill set was doling out taxpayer money.....

"Additionally, subsequent to June 30, 2015, the Authority executed a plan to scale down staffing to the level required to maintain the existing portfolio of investments. Costs of $1,077,926 associated with this plan have been paid in 2016. Similar agreements have been executed with the remaining personnel."

Note 2 on page 20

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City may take over remaining school inspections after flaws revealed; contract with New York Elementary construction company cut short

Shame on the school district administration for cutting corners and shame on the city for turning a blind eye.

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