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State to contact Lawrence property owners about purchasing right-of-way land for completion of South Lawrence Trafficway

It's about time they are finally going to get this built!!!!!

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Driver, passenger injured in rollover accident late Friday on U.S. Highway 59

Doesn't Kanas have a law against teens driving with more that 1 non related passenger's, when your under 17? I'm guessing that the other 5 were probably non-related....

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$100K settlement reached in fatal accident

hey princess, red is stop. Proceed when clear, obviously it was not clear.

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Loan debt

ibroke, You need to do your homework on this. The financial institution doesn't force any student to take out a student loan, nor do they determine the amount the student is eligible to receive. The Dept of Ed determines their EFC from the information on the student's FAFSA & the school determines their award package based off of that information. The gov't sets the maximum amount a student can receive.

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Loan debt

Amen! I couldn't agree more.

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Loan debt

I have been working with the student loan program since 1986, they have not had collateral during any of this time. No credit check is ran since MOST students are right out of high school. The government does guarantee the student loan. As for the interest rates, they are & have been much lower than they were in the 80's. & 90's. The interest rate (at that time) on stafford loans ranged from 7 to 9% & parent plus loans were 12%.....
just pay back your student loans... all of it, you borrowed it, not me!

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Was ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ assigned reading at your school?

I wish! We had to read "The Scarlet Letter" & "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

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Heard on the Hill: Debate continues on student loan debt forgiveness; law assistant dean goes online to start conversations with potential students; KU alum, leukemia survivor finishes Ironman race

Dept of Ed does have income based/income sensitive repayment plans. One piece you have forgotten is that everytime you get a raise, your payment will increase. If you get married, both salaries are included on your income. Therefore your payments will go up even more. You can also get forbearances for up to 3 years.

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Forgive loans

You hit that nail on the head!!!! I see this everyday. Kids brag about how much money they are getting refunded. I try to explain to them that the school calculates their award package, (eligible amount) - tuition = refund (you are borrowing this money, it's not free) you would be amazed at how many student's think the refund is free money..... HELLO....

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